SGA Elections 2011

Nominations should be sent to  Self-nominations are encouraged!

Nominations end on Friday, April 8th at the end of Coffee Hour.  On the following Monday (4/11), there will be a forum during the 10:10 hour where the community can get to know the nominees.  Elections will run from 4/11-4/14.  There will be a paper ballot placed in each student mailbox and students are encouraged to vote and place their ballot in a designated box in the Common Room.  The next SGA cabinet will be announced on Friday 4/15 during Coffee Hour!

Here are the position descriptions for the SGA cabinet!  Keep in mind that the SGA cabinet operates in a collegial manner.  It is common for responsibilities to overlap, especially during times surrounding community-wide events.

President.  The President shall (1) Assemble agenda for and chair SGA cabinet meetings; (2) Serve as contact person between SGA, the administration, and student groups; (3) Serve one of the VDS committees; (4) Ensure that Divinity School representation on VDS and University committee occurs; and (5) Appoint ad-hoc committees as needed to address specific issues.  


Vice President.  The Vice President shall (1) Coordinate and oversee election process to ensure efficiency and fairness, which includes the election of two First Year Representatives in the Fall semester; (2) Assemble agenda for and chair SGA cabinet meetings in the event the President cannot be present.

Secretary.  The Secretary shall (1) Take minutes of Student Government Meetings; (2) Post minutes and distribute copies to SGA Cabinet and Board members; (3) Maintain archives which include, but is not limited to, these bylaws, SGA Cabinet meeting minutes, records of events, etc.

Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall (1) Facilitate adoption of budget for student groups for each academic year; (2) Collect reimbursement or advance check requests from student groups or SGA members; (3) Maintain records of SGA budget and student group budget requests.

Community Co-Chairs. The Community Co-Chairs, typically two individuals, shall (1) Oversee the planning and implementation of community-wide social events, which have historically included Convocation picnic, Community Meals during both semesters and GALA in the Spring.