Meet us for practice Monday-Friday at 5:00pm at the Rec Center!


    The Vanderbilt Running Club was started in the fall of 2003 by Janna Louie and Jacque Beckley. While we often run together, we miss the feeling of running with a team. We started the Running Club with hopes that it would establish camaraderie among the members, to serve as motivation, to help runners train for upcoming races, and to help runners improve their running.

    In 2010, due to ailing participation in the club, Vanderbilt Running Club was revitalized by a group of sophomores dedicated to bringing the club back from the brink. This renewing of running club led to many changes in the structure and organization of running club, including a rewriting of the club's constitution in the spring of 2011,  with the single focus of helping running club members to better accomplish their goals. In that short period of time, the club has grown tremendously with dedicated runners from every level regularly attending practices, the start of a marathon training program, and increased involvement in local races and fundraisers.