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June 2009: It's been quite a while since we've made any updates, so there's a lot of new stuff.

We've had a busy year, expecially with the addition of baby Eli James to the family. I've updated his page with some pics of his life so far. I'm now the leader for Emily's Girl Scout patrol and both the girls have been busy with scout activities. The three big kids are taking riding lessons and just started Kung Fu.


It was a while ago, but I've added some pics from Halloween. We had Jim and Sharon down for Thanksgiving while waiting for the baby and then had a great vist with Jerry and Diane. We spent Christmas here in Kentucky with new baby Eli. And we survived the harsh Kentucky winter.


That brings us to 2009. We've done a lot of traveling this year already. Bethany, Emily and Eli went up to NH for Bampa's 60th Birthday party. A few weeks later, Bethany and Eli were back up north again to be with Bammy and Bampa when Bampa had his surgery. Eli's quite the flyer already!


When we returned from that first trip, we found that Brian had let Noah and Kat bring home some chicks and ducks. They lived with us for a few weeks before finding new homes at a farm and a petting zoo.


Meanwhile, Brian took Noah and Kat on a cruise to the Bahamas. And while they were gone Emily got her glasses.



Bethany and the kids also tagged along with Brian to a couple of conferences. We went to Charlotte, NC and National Harbor, MD (where we got to spend a day in DC and some time with Mike and MJ before hitting the Great Wolf Lodge on the way home).

We had a great Easter, celebrated Emily and Kat's birthdays and had some fun outings close to home.

And to top it all off, we spent a great week in Emerald Isle with Nana and Pop-pop. (Sadly, I've run out of space on our server, so pictures from EI will have to wait until I resolve that issue.)


And I will do my best to keep the site updated more regularly in the coming year...


Past Stuff

 August 2008: Well, it's a boy! The ultrasound went well -- the kids loved seeing their little brother. We also celebrated Noah's birthday last month with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Kat has been working on her Yarn Arts badge for Girl Scouts (with Emily learning to knit, too.) And today, we took the kids bowling and had a great time -- Emily scored the best of the three with an 88.

We met Bubba, the mascot from WBVR, our local country station.


Kat went out with Brian to the local water/amusement park, stopping for Fried Cheese Curds on the way.


Meanwhile, Emily just wanted to swim!


 We also have a bird nesting in one of our hanging plants on the porch. She had two eggs that hatched and we were able to watch the babies grow.





June 2008: The move went well -- big thanks to Dan and Chad for all their help. Brian did a lot of heavy lifting to get everything over here, and now we just need to figure out where everything goes at the new place. The kids are very happy here, especially enjoying the big yard. Now they're just pushing for a pool...

Next week is our ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed that the baby cooperates and we can find out the gender.

June 2008: It's been quite a while since the last update, and there's a lot going on here. We survived our first winter in Kentucky -- the kids even got to make a snowman.

The biggest bit of news is that we are expecting our fourth child in November. We are all excited (and a little scared!)

Another big change is that we are moving at the end of this month. Brian found a great little house for rent just a few miles down the road, where we will have a big beautiful back yard and a much quieter street to live on.

Also new to the site, we took the kids to the circus a few months ago and went the Lost River Cave with the Girl Scouts. We just got back from a great week in Emerald Isle with Nana and Pop-pop and are gearing up for a great summer settling into the new house and spending time at the local water park.

Winter 2008: We had a great trip north for two weeks over Christmas (and Santa's village!) and learned once again about that magic stuff called "snow" found in New Hampshire. We spent a week in Georgia with Brian working at the ACCA conference and the rest of the clan enjoying Savannah and Tybee island. It was also great to catch up with Mike, MJ, the boys and Perry & Casey.

October 2007: We recently returned from an awesome Disney trip with MJ & Mike, Doug & Rachael. It was a great trip (well, maybe not for the bird). Check out our pictures here. 


The kids had a great time with their grandparents, Jerry and Diane. 

September 2007: Things are going great down here. Noah has joined a Cub Scout den and is in 4-H, which meets the same time as the girls' Scout troop -- Kat is in her 2nd year of Brownies and Emily joined as a Daisy this year. They are in a mixed age troop together, which makes Emme feel very grown up.

 Brian presented on the TAT at a conference in Las Vegas. Doug joined him there, so the two of them had a good time.

Meanwhile, Bethany is adjusting well to life in the south and spending her time unpacking, homeschooling and shuttling the kids around to their activities. 

August 2007: Well, I finally have a second to update our new plans. I gave my notice at New England College and we are all moving to Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky. No, we don't know anyone in Kentucky.

The new job is  as Director of Counseling and Testing at Western Kentucky University (go Toppers) and is a great career move (larger school, larger staff). We are excited about the transition. For those of you following along...We will be packing the truck August 7th in the later afternoon, Mike and I will drive down to Kentucky Thursday and Friday (and Mike will fly back on Saturday). My first day of work is August 13th. Bethany and the kids will be headed down Labor Day weekend (I'm flying back to get them). Here's a picture of what the Kentucky looks like.

May 2007: Brian and the kids recently took a trip down to North Carolina to visit Jerry & Diane on their 3 month exodus away from New Hampshire's black flies, mosquitos and mud season. We visted Fort Macon, toured the Emerald Isle Beach and The Point and played some mini-golf. Oh yes, and we swam, swam swam.

Click here to see the pictures.


For those weather fans out there...(Dad...)



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