Home of the Warriors!


Triple Crown is an AVID Elementary School. What does that mean? It means here at Triple Crown we are focused on preparing our

 Scholars to become College and Career ready! Each classroom adopts a University to represent every year. 

This year, your child will not only be a BRAIN NINJA but a TCU SCHOLAR as well! 4th-Grade ROCKS!

My Contact Information:  Lstahley@valverde.edu OR ClassDojo me! :)

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: The purpose of our class site is for your scholar to use any needed resources from class. Google CLASSROOM is 
where your scholar can go to get his/her assignments to complete and turn in. Here is the link to our Google CLASSROOM: 

If you do not have the code for our Google Classroom, it will say, "Page Not Found". Once your child logs in during class, the code will also work. If you would

would also like to code please contact me. Thanks!