Welcome to Biology at Orange Vista High School. 

This webpage has been designed for your use. Most, if not all, class assignments will be found on this site. Absent, tardy, and generally day dreaming students will find any missing assignments in this site. However, there is no substitute for being present in class. The videos, demonstrations, labs, and assistance I provide can only be experienced by students who are physically in class.

It will be advantageous for you to visit this site often and use the material presented here as a study tool for class. Do not assume that this website will provide you with all the materials needed to pass the class; for this you will still need to study and practice. 

I believe all of my students can learn how Biology shapes our world.  I will do my best to present the material in a logical and interesting manner but I will need your help too. Please inform me of any trouble you may have understanding the material, keep trying, and have faith in your own educational prowess. We will work together this year and learn from each other. Don't give up and lets have a successful year!

Mrs. Aniol