Smiling!                                                        All Business!                                                                  Goofy!

Here is our team, in all it's glory!  Our core team was made up of 5 students from both the 7th and 8th grades.  We met initially on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before school and at lunches when possible.  In the past week or so, we have meet more frequently as the FabSLAM Challenge Day approached.

Started in Tinkercad, lessons
    Our team found its humble beginnings in Tinkercad. No one had really touched the program before being enlisted by Mr. Boothby or Mrs. Maimer, so it was an entirely new experience. After watching lessons and experimenting individually, the team slowly got the hang of what they were doing. 


Brainstormed possible ideas
We ran through many, many initial ideas before we decided on what would help our school and city community the most. We considered...
-Designing a correction for frustrating roads in our area
-Flashlight holders for safety when traversing at night
and finally, 
- A trash picker-upper.
We decided on the trash grabber, eventually, after noting the fact that our coach had been complaining about it just the day before. We decided to address Mr. Boothby's complaints directly and set to work.

Discussed as a team, decided on one direction
We began to focus on our direction and discuss possible prototypes. We played around with shapes in Tinkercad, examined other appliances that work in a similar manner, and discovered how we were going to engineer the pooper scooper of our hearts desires.  The team began to split off a little and work independently on different designs.

Team focused on building iterations of trash grabber/trash can
 We made a LOT of iterations, each of the team members working extensively to master their designs. In the end, we printed out several prototypes, tested them, and decided which would work best for our mission.

During this stage, we also planned how we would apply the trash grabbers to our community to make them easy to access and rewarding to use. Our initial concept was to make picking up trash sanitary and fun for the students in our school and even in our city. 

Printed iterations

Our designs finally began to come to life! We were able to test and apply our device at long last.

Adjusted/focused on one type of trash grabber that would work
 After we printed out iterations, we chose which version would most likely work best. 



Each member adjusted iteration
The iterations began to subtly change, adjusted so that they would work 100% properly!

Final design
At long last, the SPACKZ model trash grabber came completely to life!
The device functions...after many, many adjustments, our trash picker-upper finally reaches a point where it can be applied. We can't wait to see how it effects our school environment.