MTI Follow-up

The MTI follow-up opportunities are for teachers and administrators who have completed the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) course; these opportunities will provide further development with the instructional strategies presented in the course. Opportunities will be offered in various formats including follow-up classes, topic-specific workshops, webinars, unit studies, and book studies.

District class information:

MTI Follow-up Classes (1 credit class) (K – 2, 3-5, and 6 – 8) – The classes will focus on writing tasks, questioning strategies, reinforcing good mathematical practices, reflecting on student work, and reading new professional math articles, etc. All elementary teachers and middle school math teachers in the district have received the newest National Council Teaching Mathematics (NCTM) supplementary books that align to the Common Core State Standards for use in their work with unit studies. All supplementary books from NCTM are 2010 publications or newer. 
Note:K-2 and 3-5 are for new participants only.