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Congratulations Teachers of the Year! and Vallivue District's Teacher of the Year is...

posted Apr 12, 2016, 9:07 AM by Vallivue Webmaster   [ updated Apr 12, 2016, 10:54 AM ]
Central Canyon hosted our annual Teacher of the Year ceremony. The theme was "Out of This World". In keeping with the theme, Central extended an invitation to Flight Controller William Kowalczyk to announce our district teacher of the year. The video of the announcement of Amelia Jamison being chosen as our district's teacher of the year can be found below.
Vallivue District would like to extend a congratulations to all of our building Teachers of the Year:

Birch Elementary~ Denice Cain

As a result of my love for World War II history, people like Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom who have faced more adversity than I likely ever will and have done so with courage and grace are inspiring to me. Their ability to look beyond their current circumstance and find a ray of hope, however small, is a lesson that we all should take to heart.

As a teacher, I have been inspired by many, but the most influential have been my 4th grade teacher, Marilyn Davis, and my dad. Both of them found a way to connect with their students that went far beyond the classroom. They saw the best in their students and pushed them to reach their potential. The impact they had is evident through the countless invitations to graduations, weddings, and other life events. I can only hope that I have meant as much to my former students as they obviously have meant to theirs.

Lakevue Elementary~ Heather Stanton

I am inspired by some of the children I teach. They live in the same cruel, scary world that I do and yet they love with a heart that is pure and forgiving. They will grow old just as I do each day and yet they are not fearful of what is to come. They trust life, and all it offers, with an innocence that I can never get back. They give me hope and renew my faith in the world. 

Central Canyon Elementary~ Lorna DeSocio

I gain my inspiration from the students I teach. They are the reason I do this job. If we have worked very hard on a difficult piece of music and the students finally “get it”, it makes my job worthwhile. I am always looking for new and different activities for the students to try to keep things interesting for them. I feel great excitement and a deep sense of satisfaction when I have former students return to me and tell me about their new musical experiences in middle school. There is not much I find more rewarding.

West Canyon Elementary~ Tahnee Freeman

My sixth grade teacher, Mike Sasaki inspires me because he was such a kind and caring teacher. He always helped me and encouraged me as a child. He still keeps in touch with me to this day by emailing me words of encouragement and advice in my teaching career. 

Desert Springs Elementary~ Rick Wiese

I would have to say that my students are the ones who inspire me. When I watch my students try and try to understand something and then they reach that moment that they “get it”, it shows me their potential and their desire to learn. I want to keep that momentum going. It ‘s such a joy to see my students learn. On the other hand, I also watch students who may struggle in the classroom. Learning is difficult for them. I want to see them succeed. I want to help them get over that barrier that is making learning difficult. This motivates me to work harder to get them to the moment where they get it too. 

Sage Valley Middle School~ Michael Hall

A person that inspires me is Dame Evelyn Glennie. She is a Grammy-winning percussionist and composer that became almost completely deaf by the age of 12. Being a musician that is deaf is amazing in itself, but she is also a strong supporter of music education. In 1999 I was able to see her perform a solo with the Seattle Symphony. After the concert I got to go back stage and talk to her. You would not even know she has a disability. The dynamics she used in the performance and then talking with her afterwards was just breathtaking. It made me realize that the only thing that stops us from achieving is our minds. If we think we can do it then we can, but if we tell ourselves we can’t then we won’t. 

East Canyon Elementary~ Christina Corbett

Children inspire me. That is why I made a career change 12 years ago to become a teacher. Their curiosity, eagerness to learn, and loving nature are the reasons I come to work each day. 

Vallivue Middle School~ Casey Boothby

Honestly, my students are the people in my life who inspire me. I know it sounds cliché but they have so much more to deal with on a daily basis than I ever did. They are constantly connected, constantly social, and have so many situations to work through in order to make it to school each day. I had to worry about my what type of cereal I would eat and what practice I had to go to after school. I admire that despite many obstacles, my students perform exceptionally and usually above and beyond where anyone believed they could. 

 Vallivue High School~ Amelia Jamison

My first and strongest inspiration in life is my mother, Barbara Whitbeck. She taught me to excel in everything that I do. As one of the best teachers that I know, she showed me how important positive relationships are in helping students grow and develop. She has helped me to become the mother and educator that I am today.