Vallivue School District's 
Health and Safety Information

Vallivue School District #139 is fully committed to the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students and visitors. The district believes that occupant safety and a healthy environment are important factors in the functioning of the total educational program, making the district schools a better place to learn and work, creating positive relationships with the district customers and stakeholders, and preparing students to be responsible citizens and to work safely in the community.

Workplace Injuries

If you get hurt on the job: Immediately report your injury to your supervisor. Complete the Employee Accident/Illness Report Form (also available in all school building offices, nurses’ offices, and the district office). Complete the accident report form before seeking medical attention, unless your injury is life-threatening.

Seeking Medical Attention: 

St. Alphonsus Occupational Medicine is our authorized provider for non life-threatening emergencies for initial evaluation and treatment.  

 315 E. Elm St. Ste. 100, Caldwell
(208) 459-8297
 1200 Garrity Blvd., Nampa
(208) 446-9092

For life-threatening emergencies call 911 or  report to the nearest hospital.

District Contact:
Anjie Powell (208)454-0445