Physicals by Rehab Authority will be conducted here at VHS in Room 501 (across from the weight room) and the Athletic Trainers room on May 23rd from 4-6 pm.  The fee for the physical is $20 and these proceeds will be put back into the Athletic Department.

Season Passes for Vallivue High Students (click Season Passes to purchase)
The Vallivue Student Activity Card can save students money. If students plan to attend athletic events or dances, they can save many hard earned dollars by purchasing a Vallivue Activity Card during registration in August. ALL STUDENTS INVOLVED WITH EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES must purchase an ASB card to participate in athletics/activities. ASB cards are $35.00. ASB CARDS AVAILABLE ONLINE STARTING AUGUST 1ST - DON'T DELAY!!!

Season Passes for Parents! (click Season Passes to purchase)
Parents can also save money by purchasing season passes for each of the team seasons. The passes will be available from the activities program, from our business office, or by clicking on the "Season Passes for Parents! Passes are available for all sports or by Individual Season (click Individual Season to purchase). Purchasing a pass supports Vallivue High athletes plus provides some admission savings. SEASON PASSES AVAILABLE ONLINE STARTING AUGUST 3rd. Go Falcons!



Vallivue High School Seasonal Sport Parent Meetings 2016-17
These Meetings are Mandatory for the latest district and sports information.  If you do not participate your child will not be able to compete. 

Fall Sport Parent Meeting - Will be held by each individual team.  

Winter Sport Parent Meeting - Will be held by each individual team.

Spring Parent Meeting - Will be held by each individual team.



Legislation has required that we inform parents and participants on the latest concussion updates and information. Please click on Concussion Information.

All coaches are required to be certified on recognizing concussions and coaches will re-certify every other year - All athletes in contact sports will be participating in a baseline concussion evaluation with our athletic trainer.


Vallivue High School Sport Start Dates 2016-17
Football/Soccer:  August 8th, 2016
Volleyball/XC:  August 12th, 2016
Girls Basketball:  October 31st,  2016
Boys Basketball:  November 11th, 2016
Wrestling:  November 14th, 2016
Spring Sports:  February 24th, 2017

Golf:    February 27th, 2017


Athletic Eligibility Requirements
In order to participate on any Vallivue High School athletic team, a student must: 

  1. Be in school the semester immediately preceding the season. 
  2. Have received credit in five subjects the preceding semester. 
  3. Have a physical form signed by a medical doctor on file in the office prior to any practice. 
  4. Have proof of private insurance or purchase school athletic injury insurance or fill out waiver of insurance. 
  5. Pay all necessary fees assessed for the sport. 
  6. Purchase an ASB Card, and be a member in good standing of the Associated Student Body of Vallivue High School 
  7. Agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Athletic Department of Vallivue High School as set by the Vallivue School District Policy.
  8. Attend all parent sport meetings pertinent to your child's participation.


Athletic Physical Examination Requirements
Freshmen, Juniors, and all new Vallivue High School athletes for the 2017-18 school year are required to complete a Medical Physical Examination on the Idaho High School Activities Association Form after May 1st , 2017. Even if a student had a physical their Sophomore year, they still need a new physical as a Junior. This Physical Form must be on file with the VHS Athletic Trainer before a student is allowed to practice. Sophomore (10th) and Senior (12th) grade athletes are required to complete and file an Interim Questionnaire before they are allowed to practice. All forms are available from the VHS Athletic Trainer, Activities Director or in the Main Office.  

Please visit our new athletic website at: