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Talent Show

In Order!!

Please read the following to be prepared for Thursday Night! 

You must have your stuff memorized. You can have no music with you.

All acts should be school appropriate and 90 seconds or less in length.

You are responsible for finding your own props, music, costumes, or anything you need.

If you make it, it will be a $10 production fee due next week by Wednesday!

If you can’t pay $10, let me know ASAP and we will work something out!

To Remember for the Talent Show!

On the night of the Talent Show, you are required to be here at 6:15 p.m.

The Talent Show is Thursday, March 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Admission is $5.00 for adults and students :)


#1. Jay Johnson

(singing Save the Night)


#2.  Mary Beth Clayton and Deanne Puryear

(Ukeleke and singing I cant Help Falling in Love)


#3. Seth Harmon and Landon Rogers        

(Singing Believe)


#4. Lauren Hatcher              

(singing Your Song)


#5. Caleb Swink, Jay Johnson and William Bressler         

(stage combat)


#6. Hannah Jarchow            

(singing Popular)


#7. Qualenta             

(singing Man in the Mirror)


#8. Ashanti and Day Lewis  

(Dance and sing to Unlove You)


#9. Amanda Richardson                  

(Play Clarinet This Old Man)


#10. Amy Mahan                  

(singing A Broken Wing)


#11. Kennedy Maloney and Kate Kahoun

(ukulele and singing Riptide)


#12. Daniel Jackson                         

(Singing While You were sleeping)


#13. Noah George                            



#14. Jana Jones                    

(singing Love Yourself)


#15. Kile Harvey                              

(piano and singing Car Radio)


#16. Jaida Laird                                

(singing Burning House)


#17. Alexis Resendez                       

(singing A Thousand Years)


#18.  DJ Reeves                                

(singing Grenade)


#19. Reid Kapales                            

(Comedy Dance to All the Single Ladies)


#20. Cameron Turner                     

(guitar and sing Halleluiah)


#21. Cameron Oswald, Tray Robins, Jacob Speights, Alex Guo   

(band Playing Stand By Me)


Cast List for


Wizard of Oz


Hello, auditioners! We just want to remind you how talented each and every one of you are and how thankful we are that you shared your talent and time with us today! Your auditions reminded us again how blessed we are to work with such an outstanding, cheerful group and what an exceptional school Valley View really is!

Please don’t forget our mandatory cast meeting at the Fine Arts Center Drama Room from 3:30 - 6:00 tomorrow. Your attendance is your acceptance of your role and we will have our first read through as well as give you lots of important information. At the cast meeting we will be taking measurements for your costumes so please wear appropriate clothing for that!

We are asking that each cast member pay a $25.00 production fee and bring it with them to the cast meeting to offset the costs of rentals. If this is a hardship for your family, please let us know and we will be happy to help you with it. You will receive two adult tickets as a member of the cast!

Also, if you remember a conflict tonight that you forgot to write down, let us know so we can finalize our rehearsal calendar tonight!

We are beyond excited about Wizard of Oz! It is one of the most iconic musicals of all time and is sure to be unforgettable. We are so glad to produce it with you guys, it’s going to be KILLER!


Lots of Love!

Mrs. Brinkle and

Mrs. Harrell



Cast List for

Wizard of Oz


Dorothy …. Leah Aldridge

Auntie Em/Glinda the Good Witch ….. Sarah Martin

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard ….. John Mark Webb

Hunk/Scarecrow ….. Landon Parnell

Hickory/Tinman ….. Addison Aquino

Zeke/Cowardly Lion ….. Zane Vaccari

Miss Almira Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West ….. Dana Kapales

Professor Chester Marvel/Wizard of Oz …..  Colton Bruff


Poppies Singing Trio ….. Jaden Rich, Chloe Bowen, Hope Bobbit

Crows Singing Trio ….. Jaden Rich, Chloe Bowen, Hope Bobbit

Trees Singing Trio ….. Jaden Rich, Chloe Bowen, Hope Bobbit



Silk Dancer ….. Anna Rhodes    

Ozians ….. Jaden Rich, Chloe Bowen, Hope Bobbit, Lura Beth Dehn, Bethany Crawley, Bethany Clark, Hannah Rogers, Ashlyn Ham, Lauren Browning, Sarah Johnson, Rebecca Burks, Daniel Jackson, Phillip Powell, William Bressler, Jakob Rubio, Anna Marie Wright, Ella Gammill


Winkie Soldiers

Winkie General ….. Jakob Rubio

Soldiers ….. Daniel Jackson, Phillip Powell, William Bressler, Mack Wolf, Luke Holt


Flying Monkeys

Nikko the Commander….. Gannon Winstead

Flying Monkeys ….. Landon Rogers, Gabe White, Reid Kapales, Seth Harmon, Hannah Lewis, Alexandra Wright, Sidney Dunham, Sydney Montgomery, Lauren Hatcher



Jitterbug Lead Dancer ….. Anna Rhodes

Jitterbugs and Ghosts ..... Jaden Rich, Chloe Bowen, Hope Bobbit, Lura Beth Dehn, Bethany Crawley, Bethany Clark, Hannah Rogers, Ashlyn Ham, Lauren Browning, Sarah Johnson, Rebecca Burks, Anna Marie Wright, Ella Gammill


Valley View Theatre Department's Mission Statement

The mission of the Valley View Theater Department is to provide quality productions and opportunities for students to participate on stage and take leadership roles behind the scenes in a variety of positions. In the classroom, the program strive to provide students with activities that develop the creative process, the performance process and the evaluation process through research, acting, designing, sensory awareness and the use of technology. Students will participate in individual assignments, small group projects and whole class activities in a positive, but challenging environment.