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Valley-Edinburg Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or non-disqualifying handicap in its education programs/activities and employment practices.  

Title IX, Non-discrimination and 504 Coordinator is Mitch Jorgensen, Superintendent - Valley-Edinburg School District # 118.  4013 Euclid Ave., Crystal, ND 58222.  Phone (701) 657-2163, Fax (701) 657-2150. email:

The Valley-Edinburg Public School is working on making this website ADA Compliant.  

If you have any questions please contact Mitch Jorgenson at (701) 657-2163

There will be No School on Friday March 16th
Our storm makeup day will be on 
Thursday March 29th.

Notice of Filing Deadline for
Valley-Edinburg School Board Election

Notice is hereby given, that the filing deadline for a three year term for the Valley area position now held by Nick Otto, a three year term for the Edinburg area position now held by Duane Jonasson, and a three year term for the "at large" area position now held by Andrew Gullickson, will be Monday, April 9th, 2018 at 4pm. Interested parties must submit an Application of Nomination and Statement of Interest to the Business Manager at the Valley-Edinburg Public School in Crystal, ND by 4pm on Monday, April 9th, 2018. Applications for Nomination and Statements of Interest are available in the Valley-Edinburg District Office in Crystal, ND.
By order of the Valley-Edinburg School Board
April Howatt, Business Manager

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