...Welcome to Room 16... 

               ~ "Home for Our Minds" ~ 

              Where Achievement Matters!

The new school year is here and I am happy to have your young
 teen in my class. I am Miss Knight, the 8th grade teacher & ASB advisor
 at Vallecitos. This year I am teaching 7th grade Science, as well, and am up for
 the challenge, as they are a great group of kids!  

I feel just as excited starting this school year as I did when I walked
 into the classroom my first day of teaching twenty-seven years ago! I feel it is a
 honor & great responsibility to be a teacher & don't take my role lightly.

I have a tremendous love of children and place high expectations on 
learning, as well as, having fun & enjoying school. I view students as individual
 people & realize there are a multitude of factors to consider when teaching &
 interacting with your teen, so that optimal academic & social success is possible.

          I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to: 
  (1) create an environment where all students feel safe & comfortable to express
       their own uniqueness,
  (2) which enables them to grow academically and achieve their individual goals,  
  (3) and realize the responsibilities we all have to the community & each other
      as citizens of this great planet we call home & Earth.

I value teamwork, communication, and want to be visible, accessible, and a
 resource to all. Please feel free to drop by the classroom or contact me by email.
 I am here for you & your teen.