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2012-13 Staff

Our teachers strive to help bring out the best in every student.

Expeditionary Learning requires a different approach to teaching. It is active and solution-oriented, interdisciplinary and collaborative, aligns with City and State standards, places character development on par with academic achievement, and works in tandem with experts from the field.
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TeachersemailContent Area
TeachersemailContent Area
Boccheciamp, Josh boccheciamp@validusprep.org English Language Arts 
Bosch, Dylan bosch@validusprep.org English Language Arts 
Bruck, Jessica bruck@validusprep.org Mathematics 
Costanzo, Tara costanzo@validusprep.org English Language Learners 
Cyrus, Daniel cyrus@validusprep.org English Language Arts 
Dunseith, James dunseith@validusprep.org Mathematics 
Foster, Kiera foster@validusprep.org English Language Arts 
Garro, Rebecca garro@validusprep.org Social Studies 
Grant-Hernandez, Fatimah grant-hernandez@validusprep.org Special Education 
Haines, Emily haines@validusprep.org Instructional Guide 
Lewis, Carla lewis@validusprep.org Special Education 
Lipson, Zeke lipson@validusprep.org Fitness 
Lomuscio, Steve lomuscio@validusprep.org Fitness, Athletic Director 
Martinez, Nancy martinez@validusprep.org English Language Learners 
Martz, Nate martz@validusprep.org Mathematics 
Mcfarlan, Linda mcfarlan@validusprep.org English Language Learners, Dean 
Melendez-Prentice, Myrna melendez-prentice@validusprep.org Foreign Language - Spanish 
Munkatchy, Jamie munkatchy@validusprep.org Science - Chemistry and Art 
Murphy, Corey murphy@validusprep.org Social Studies 
Perez, Darlene perez@validusprep.org Health 
Plumey, Erika plumey@validusprep.org Social Studies - US History 
Ryan, Tom ryan@validusprep.org Special Education, Dean 
Sanchez, Daniela sanchez@validusprep.org Science - Living Environment 
Stineman, Hayley stineman@validusprep.org Special Education 
Ware, Tara ware@validusprep.org Science - Earth Science 
Showing 25 items