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Validus Prep staff members value young people, recognize the importance of high expectations and health awareness in the development of youth, and are committed to the teaching profession. 

Each staff member brings not only content-area expertise, but excellent communication skills, familiarity with technology, and interest in health issues. Validus Prep teachers develop positive, productive relationships with their students to support them in meeting high academic and behavior standards. They contribute to a professional learning community by working in teams to develop curriculum, examine student work, and analyze data to inform instruction and improve student achievement.

Validus Preparatory Academy staff benefit from the Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound partnership by receiving high-quality professional development from a nationally recognized educational organization. Validus Prep teachers participate fully in the integration of the ELOB core practices into the framework of the school. In addition to teaching classes within their academic discipline, teachers lead a group of 10-15 students in the daily advisory class called Crew and provide academic assistance, college and career guidance, mentoring and character education. Following are the core teacher responsibilities aligned with the ELOB framework: 
  • Learning Expeditions
  • Design, implement, and evaluate Learning Expeditions in content areas through the lens of health issues relevant to grade level and with the understanding that Learning Expeditions are the primary means of organizing the curriculum. Learning Expeditions align with district and state standards, the school curriculum map, and portfolio and graduation requirements
  • Write detailed expedition documentation
  • Coordinate fieldwork experiences to support expeditions
  • Develop and use rubrics to assess student work throughout the expedition
  • Support students in the development of their portfolios and for Student-Led Conference presentations as well as in public exhibitions of work
  • Culture and character
  • Participate in development of school’s code of conduct
  • Develop classroom norms that align with the school’s code of conduct to be developed by the staff
  • Participate fully in the staff culture of the school
  • Collaborate with peers in the development of curriculum and school structures