Student Contract

  • All Validus Prep students experience a 5-day trip to an Outward Bound challenge course to build community, develop leadership skills, practice creative problem-solving, and learn to work as a team.
  • All Validus Prep students participate in Learning Expeditions where they do real work in the community by applying the skills learned in the classroom to relevant community health issues.
  • All Validus Prep students wear a school uniform consisting of a school polo shirt, black cotton or khaki pants and sneakers to allow for active learning and physical activity.
  • All Validus Prep students gain extensive knowledge about community health issues while developing a digital portfolio that includes sample work from all classes.
  • All Validus Prep students are prepared to be successful after graduation by not only passing the required Regents exams, but by learning the life skills, study skills and communication skills necessary to do well in college or a professional career.
Student Activities: