Welcome To Our Garden

Willowcreek Elementary School started its garden in the spring of 2012 with the specific goal of exposing students to the many varieties of lettuce and other salad greens that could be used in their salads, other than the iceberg lettuce they were getting off the salad bar.  Our garden has grown much beyond simple salad greens and we now provide our school with a wide variety of fresh produce throughout the school year.  Please browse around our website to see some of the things that we are experimenting with at our school.  

Fall Garden

In the fall, when we come back to school we have two main tasks in our garden.  First of all, we harvest and use produce from our summer plantings, and begin preparing fall plantings of cold hardy veggies to get us through the winter.  We maintain our growing space with simple row covers to protect from the first light frosts to extend our harvest as far as possible.  To see some of the strategies we use click the link below. 

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Winter Garden

Winter gardening is a bit more difficult if you don't have the right facilities.  In the fall of 2013 we added a nice sized green house to our garden, complete with heat and electricity.  This enables us to grow salad greens and other vegetables throughout the winter.  We are even planning on experimenting with grow lights to supplement our heating systems to allow for the most productive winter garden possible.  This system is very much a work in progress so click below for more info. 

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Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer gardening are your more traditional approaches to gardening and we have employed a wide variety of options over the past few years.  We start with early plantings of leafy veggies,  into our outside beds to supplement our salad offerings during lunch.  Towards the end of the school year and into the start of summer, we move in seedlings that we started indoors for summer crops like cherry tomatoes and cucumbers to eat when we come back to school in August.  Click below for more info. 

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