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August 11, 2016 

About Mr. Knapp

I was born and raised here in Eastern Oregon and graduated from Ontario High School in 1997.  My parents Randy and Shelley are Kaleidoscope artists and live on the Oregon Coast. My younger brother, Joe Knapp, lives with his family in Sandy, Oregon where he is the Technology Director for the city of Sandy. 

I attended Southwestern Oregon Community College before transferring to Western Oregon University where I earned my Bachelors in Education.  I taught 7th grade science at Ontario Middle School for seven years and earned my Masters Degree from Walden University before taking an educational consulting job with a company based out of Indiana.  After one year, I was ready to be back in the classroom and took a job teaching 3rd and 4th grade at Willowcreek Elementary.  I recently completed courses through Lewis and Clark  School of Education and Counseling to earn an Initial Administrative License.  

Outside of teaching, I enjoy exploring the role of technology in education and provide various training opportunities for fellow educators and am delighted to share my knowledge with others.  

I also enjoy spending time with my wife and family, coaching and participating in various athletic events, hunting and fishing, and pretty much anything that has to do with outdoor recreation. I also love gardening.  We have a little piece of land outside of town where I enjoy raising rabbits, chickens, and as much food as I can grow in my little garden.  We also have a few farm cats who always seem to have kittens, and a couple great dogs that I enjoy spending time with, especially during hunting season.  

Resources and Links of Interest 

In addition to teaching at Vale Middle School, I also coach a number of sports for the district.  Below you will find links to team websites if you are looking for information about any of the sporting events that I work with.  

Coaching Assignments:

Middle School Football Assistant Coach 

High School Girls Basketball Assistant Coach 

High School Track and Field Assistant Coach 

        Track 2017       Track 2017 #2