Staff Profiles

Director - Sarah Stelzl   
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    This is my fourth year as Director of BREGS and I am excited to continue to be a part of this learning community. I was the Mediasphere teacher before becoming the director. I am an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in Warren County and this is my 27th year teaching. My family and I live on a third generation family farm in Stephens City.  

Biosphere -  Robin Jensen
    Hello! My name is Robin Jensen, and I'm the Biosphere teacher for BREGS. I teach 8th Grade Science at Skyline Middle School in Warren County, and this is my ninth year teaching middle school science. Prior to teaching, I worked at a Natural History Museum, and as a biotech for the National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife. I live in the Shenandoah Valley with my husband and two daughters, and I spend most of my free time outdoors biking, hiking, camping, and gardening.

Biosphere -Lisa Packard
   Hello, my name is Lisa Packard.  I have been with BREGS since 2002.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Every year I have the pleasure and honor of interacting with the greatest bunch of kids and teachers on the planet.
I am a paraprofessional at Luray High School Go Bulldogs!  
I was born and raised in California.  My husband of 36 years and I found our way to Virginia via the Army.  I enjoy the outdoors.  I love camping, hiking, bird watching and gardening. 
My environmental concern is the dwindling Bee population.  Without Bees we cannot continue to Be.

Biosphere Intern - Hi I'm Patrick Treutlein. I am a rising senior at Warren County High School and have been part of the Bregs program for years. I enjoy math, science, running, flying, and working with technology. I look forward to biophere this year, and I expect it to be fun and rewarding!

Biosphere Intern - My name is Megan McClosky, I just finished junior year at John Handley High School in Winchester. I attended all four years of BREGS as a student and I have also interned for globalsphere. I play soccer for my high school and on a travel team, I like to bake, and I love cats! Biosphere was my favorite, so I’m very excited for this upcoming summer!

Biosphere Intern- My name is Abi McInturff and this is my second year as an intern at BREGS. I am attending High School at Page County where I am a rising senior. I am currently taking LFCC courses to complete my Associates Degree before I graduate. I am very excited for another great year at BREGS!

Geosphere - Michele Barber
    Hello! I am the Geosphere teacher at BREGS. I am a Biology and Anatomy Teacher with Warren County Public Schools. I am married with a daughter named Lily. I love to play outside with my daughter, paint, draw, and cook. I look forward to all the new adventures and experiences we will have at BREGS this summer!

Geosphere  - Mary Alice Crews

Geosphere Intern - 

Geosphere Intern - 

Geosphere Intern - 

Globalsphere -  Megan Reilly
    Welcome to BREGS! My name is Megan Reilly and I am a 6th grade Science teacher at James Wood Middle School in Frederick County. This is my second year as an instructor for BREGS and I am so excited to be working in Globalsphere. I have been teaching for 9 years and I have taught in Illinois and Virginia. Science is my passion and I am committed to helping my students gain enviroliteracy and an appreciation for the natural world around them. 

When I am not teaching, I am riding my horse Fiddlesticks who is a Branded BLM Mustang from Nevada and my true heart horse!  It should be a great two weeks here at BREGS and I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of the students in my group! WOOHOO, BREGS 2021!!!!!!

Globalsphere - Paul Kraemer
    I am happy  to be back at BREGS. During the school year I work with 8 thru 12 grade students at Stonewall Jackson High School in Quicksburg, Shenandoah County. Quicksburg is the home of Route 11 Chips and Shenandoah Caverns. Previously I worked in Washington, D.C. for several different organizations. I am a graduate of Emerson College and University of Pittsburgh. 
I live down two dirt roads in the wilds of Edinburg with my family. For fun and therapy I act up at Theatre Shenandoah in Edinburg. I love playing other people and fun characters. My favorite roles are Ebenezer Scrooge, Mr. Bumble, and the Wizard of Oz.

Globalsphere Intern - Greyson Parish
    I am a rising junior at Sherando High School and also dual-enrolled in Lord Fairfax Community College. I have been participating in BREGS every summer since I was first accepted as a rising sixth-grader, and this will be my first year as an intern. It has always been something I’ve looked forward to in my summers, as I have met many new friends and learned so much from the great opportunities this program provides! I’ve been involved with dance, primarily ballet, since the age of four, and I also enjoy creating art and spending time outside in my free time. 

Globalsphere Intern - Bridget Kelly

    My name is Bridget, I use they/them pronouns, and I am an intern this year. My experiences at BREGS have been great! The programs were interesting, educational, and fun as well. There are plenty of field trips and out of classroom experiences. It's nice to meet other people from the Shenandoah Valley and make new friendships. I have been doing BREGS for a while, this will be my fourth year. I hope we all have a great summer working together! 

Mediasphere - Chanda Greco
Welcome to Mediasphere!  I am Chanda Greco, an Instructional Technology Resource Coach from Shenandoah County. This is my third year teaching Mediasphere at BREGS. I have also been to BREGS in previous years to work with students on 3d design and printing.  I am committed to bringing the latest in cutting edge technologies to the students I serve.
My husband of 14 years and I live in Strasburg, Virginia.  I have two children, Camille, 11, and Chase, 9.  We live near the park and love to spend our weekends on the ball field or playing with our chocolate lab, Lucy, or our cavachon, Maddie.

Mediasphere - Darla Lisbon

Mediasphere Intern - 

Mediasphere Intern - 

Sociosphere -  Angela Mohr
Hello!  I am a Gifted Resource Teacher with Frederick County Public Schools where I teach a research class and mentor chess teams and rock stacking clubs. I look forward to exploring with like-minded folks of all ages at BREGS this summer!

Sociosphere - Carrie LeMaire

Sociosphere Intern - 

Sociosphere Intern -