Staff Profiles

Director - Sarah Stelzl   

    This is my first year as Director of BREGS and I am excited to continue to be a part of this learning community. I was the Mediasphere teacher before becoming the director. I am an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in Warren County and this is my 23rd year teaching.
    I live in Stephens City with my husband and two children, Tommy, who is 15 and Emma who is 10. We live on a dairy and hog farm, where my husband farms full-time. Environmental issues are important to us and our livelihood.

Biosphere - Jillian Atherton-Mellish
    Hello! I taught at BREGS years ago and I am excited to return this year to teach Biosphere. I currently teach science courses at Wakefield School but over my twelve-year career I have gained experience working with students at the middle-school to collegiate levels. My master's degree focused on amphibian populations so I am most passionate about environmental issues that impact natural water sources and amphibians.
    I live in Front Royal with my husband and three young children. I love spending my free time running, reading and exploring the outdoors. I am looking forward to being a part of BREGS this summer!
Biosphere -  Lisa Packard
   Hello, my name is Lisa Packard.  I have been with BREGS since 2002.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Every year I have the pleasure and honor of interacting with the greatest bunch of kids and teachers on the planet.
I have the best job in Page County as the Virtual Virginia facilitator at Luray High School.  Go Bulldogs!  
I was born and raised in California.  My husband of 30 years and I found our way to Virginia via the Army.  I enjoy the outdoors.  I love camping, hiking, bird watching and gardening. 
My environmental concern is the dwindling Bee population.  Without Bees we cannot continue to Be.

Biosphere Intern - Bogdan Ion
    Hi, I'm Bogdan and I'm going to be a sophomore this year at Skyline High School. I attended BREGS for 3 years as a student and this will be my first year as an intern. I play football and basketball for Skyline. I am originally from Romania. I moved to the United States when I was 3 years old. I am thoroughly excited to have another excellent year at BREGS!  

Biosphere Intern - Dylan Cao
    I am a 15 year old rising junior from John Handley High School.  It is my second year as an intern for BREGS and my 5th year overall.  I enjoy reading about the latest scientific endeavors and working with technology.  I'm very excited to return, and look forward to helping another group of people learn how to protect our beautiful and unique, yet fragile, planet.

Geosphere - Carrie Redcay
    Hi! I have been teaching Earth Science at Millbrook High School for the past 9 years, and this is my 6th year as the BREGS Geosphere instructor.  
    I am committed to learning and teaching positive environmental practices, in addition to providing students with opportunities to put their good practices into action.  My favorite part of BREGS is the hands-on learning and activities.  I am looking forward to another wonderful year!

Geosphere - Mary Alice Crews
    I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa.  Since then I have traveled to and lived in many countries around the world.  
    I have been teaching for 26 years.  My experiences include teaching abroad in multicultural and multilingual settings.  In 2005, I received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Walk the Walk” award from Lord Fairfax College.
    I am Forest Gump.  I love to run.  I have participated in the Boston Marathon for the past two years and hope to return in 2016.  My dream is to run the Great Wall marathon some day with my daughter, who is from China.
    I spend much of my free time reading, writing, and painting.  
    I have three children, one oversized Golden Retriever, and five rescue kitties.
    I am a lifelong learner.

Geosphere Intern - Ryleigh Travers
  Hi, I am Ryleigh Travers, a rising sophomore at Clarke County High School. I will be attending Moutain Vista Governors School in the fall. I am the Vice President of the Clarke County FFA and Vice President of the Hout-Livestock 4-H club. I enjoy raising and showing livestock for the Clarke County fair, livestock judging, and stockmans. I am also very involved with my high school's DECA chapter. I have attended BREGS for 3 years as a student and this is my first year as an intern. I am looking forward to another wonderful year at BREGS with another wonderful group of people!!

Geosphere Intern - Jake Ruby
Hi, I'm Jake Ruby I am a rising 10th grader at Skyline High School. I have attended BREGS for 4 years and this will be my first year as an intern. I play baseball at Skyline High School and I am part of the Interact club. I also attend 4h camp in the summer so I a have a lot of experience in working with younger kids. BREGS has been a big part of my summers for the past 4 years and I am very excited to have another great year.

Geosphere Intern - Samantha (Sam) Viner
Hi, I'm Sam Viner, a rising senior at John Handley High School in Winchester City. I have attended BREGS since the first year I could, and I love it more each time I return. I have completed Mountain Vista Governor's School and plan to have a fun senior year full of extracurricular activities such as being a member of NHS, participation in Handley's fall musical, being a TA for the beginner's show choir, and doin volunteer work on my own! I enjoy reading and performing, as well as taking regular naps. I'm so glad to be spending another year at BREGS!!!

Globalsphere - Bill Luders

    Mr. William Luders, a 4th grade math teacher in Page County, will be the instructional leader for the Globalsphere.  His philosophy of learning centers around positive, fun experiences that have students actively involved in and taking ownership of their own learning experiences.      
    He graduated from Iowa State University in 1977, so he has certainly lived a lot of life and seen and pondered many things. One thing centers his entire demeanor, though. His youthful attitude comes from always working with children and young men and ladies. He is a grandfather of 7 grandsons, aging from 7 to 19.  
    He believes that the protection and preservation of the planet is a duty and responsibility of every person who lives on it. Convenience and ease are no excuse for making our home unlivable for future generations.
    He is humble, realizing that every good thing about him comes from others outside of himself who cared and helped shape him.  He is very honored to be a working with the Blue Ridge Environmental Governor's School for a 6th year.

Globalsphere - Liz Osborne
    Hi, my name is Liz Osborne. I've been teaching US II History for 23 years. I live in Page County, I'm married and have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I love the outdoors, canoeing, hiking, gardening, reading, cooking. I used to be a park ranger for the NPS in Shenandoah. This is my 4th year at BREGS.

Globalsphere Intern - Scott Kline
    Hi, I'm Scott and I am going into my sophomore year at Luray High School. I play trombone in the marching band and concert band at school. I have also run track, competing in distance events. Next spring I hope to also participate in the triple and long jump. I was in Governor's School for three years as a student, and this will be my first year working as an intern. Besides some of these cool activities, I enjoy canoeing, reading, hiking, camping, and playing the piano.

    I like to work with people who share a common purpose. That's why I love BREGS. I know we're going to be learning more about the world and doing amazing things to share our knowledge!

Globalsphere Intern - Rebecca Hall
Hello! I'm Rebecca, I'll be going into my junior year of high school this upcoming fall at Sherando High School. I'm in color guard, dance, and all that fancy stuff.
This is my first year as an intern, but I participated in 2014 in global sphere! (PS go global sphere!)
I loved my time here and I hope to help others feel the same!

Sociosphere - Katie Kikel
Hi, my name is Katie Kikel and this is my first year at BREGS.  I have been teaching for thirteen years and have worked with several different grade levels.  I taught fifth grade for eleven years, but loved science so much I decided to move to the middle school level so I could teach it all day!  I currently teach sixth and eighth grade science.  

My husband & I love to travel and have been to many exciting places!  Taking a road trip out west to Grand Teton National Park remains our favorite.  It is one of the most beautiful places!  I enjoy learning how to be a better steward of the Earth so places like this can be preserved for a very long time!  We have two pets, a golden retriever and a cat.  I enjoy camping, photography, spending time with my family, and taking our dog for walks.  I'm excited to be a part of this wonderful program and look forward to working with everyone!  Let's go have some fun! :)