Picture Albums


2015 - "Cradle 2 Cradle"

Mediasphere at Shenandoah University seeing sustainable building features and a green roof...and at WHAG in Hagerstown where we witness
ed a live news broadcast and learned about TV production!

Sociosphere at the River....

Some of our wonderful BREGS students in front of the growing pile of shoes being donated for "Save a Sole"

2014 - "Making a Difference"

We almost tripled last year's eRecycling totals....
we collected 11,182 lbs approximately 5.5 tons!!! 
That crushes last year's totals of 4,444lbs!
Great job to all for building an awareness of eRecycling in our community!

2013 - "The Cost of Comfort"

2012 -"Sustainability"