Spartan Yearbook

Yearbook distribution begins on May 31!

The 2017 Spartan Yearbook is here, and the yearbook staff is excited to share it with you!

All students who preordered their books can pick them up in the library before school, after school, or during flex. 

There are also a limited number of additional books available to purchase. If you would like to purchase a yearbook, speak with Ms. Charpentier. The cost is $100 per book, and the yearbook can accept either cash or a check made out to Spartan Yearbook.

Every student who purchases a yearbook will also receive a supplement in late July/early August. The supplement covers late spring events, including prom, spring sports, and graduation. Students who purchased a yearbook will receive an email over the summer to let them know when supplements will be available.

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Class of 2018: Senior Portrait Requirements

Senior portraits are due by October 1, 2017.


While not required, we recommend you schedule a senior picture session with the official school photographer, who will make sure that your photo meets all standards for the yearbook. You are free to use whomever you want, but, particularly where we have a new school photographer this year, we are urging people to utilize the services we provide. If you choose to use another photographer, it is up to you to make sure your photo meets these requirements and gets to the yearbook staff! 

Submission Requirements

  • Our preferred format is a high resolution DIGITAL photo – this will result in the best quality.

  • All portrait prints or digital files must be submitted by October 1, 2017.

  • Submissions after this date may not be accepted and your school photo will be used in its place.

Photograph Requirements

  • Head and shoulder portraits, close-ups, and 3/4 length portraits are all acceptable. Full-length portraits will not be accepted.

  • Plain backgrounds in natural colors are preferred, but outdoor photographs will be accepted.

  • Portraits must be vertical – you can't be lying down!

  • We will accept color or black and white photos.

  • The following types of clothing are NOT allowed: sunglasses, visible tattoos, hats, "tank top" type straps on shirts/dresses, strapless blouses/dresses, and bare shoulders.

  • Props are permitted in photos; however, pets and fellow humans are not considered props.

Digital File Requirements

  • File must be in JPEG format and high resolution (250 dpi minimum, 300 dpi maximum).

  • Digital images must be no smaller than 640 x 800 pixels (.8 aspect ratio).

  • All digital photographs should be submitted via email to or on a CD given to a yearbook adviser.

If you have any questions about senior portraits, please contact the yearbook adviser at

Yearbook Events & Meetings


Yearbook Meetings - Whether you're an accomplished photographer, journalist, artist, or graphic designer, or you're looking to develop a new skill, any student interested in bringing their talents and enthusiasm to the yearbook staff is welcome! There will be an interest meeting in the library from 2:00 - 2:30 on Tuesday, September 5.

Past Yearbooks on Sale - Looking for an older yearbook? We have a limited number of yearbooks from 1978 to 2011 available, and they are on sale for $20 for on-site pick up or $26 with shipping. Contact for availability.


Your Yearbook To-Do Schedule


Summer is the best time to get your senior portrait taken! Senior portraits will be due on October 1, 2017. Information about the requirements for your senior portrait, senior portrait sessions with the school photographer, and how to submit your portrait to the yearbook staff will be sent out soon; meanwhile, start thinking about finding time to get your portrait taken before school starts again.

If you have great photos of school events, you can send them directly to the yearbook! We want pictures from outside of school, too - you hanging out with friends! Scroll down for information about sending photos to the yearbook staff using the Yearbook Snap app.

Everyone Is a Yearbook Photographer!


The yearbook represents your high school experience, both in school and out. Our cameras can't go everywhere, which is why we need YOU! Submit pictures of you and your friends, both in and outside of school, for consideration in the UHS Spartan Yearbook. Remember, pictures can't be downloaded from Facebook and then submitted (Facebook resizes photos when they are uploaded, so after they have been on Facebook the quality is not good enough for print), so send us your pictures directly from your phone or camera. 

When you upload pictures to the Yearbook Snap app with our school code UHS18, they'll go straight to the yearbook staff! Download the app from iTunes or Google Play, or upload photos from your computer when you search for Uxbridge at

Interesting Yearbook Facts


Did you know ...
  • ... the entire yearbook must be completed and sent to the printer by April 4, and many sections are due even earlier?
  • ... spring sports, the prom, senior trip, and graduation are all included in a supplemental issue of the yearbook that is available during the summer? The Spring Supplement is included in your yearbook purchase.
  • ... parents can purchase space in the yearbook? This is generally used to congratulate students and some parents include cute or funny pictures from the past.
  • ... businesses outside of Uxbridge are welcome to purchase an advertisement in the UHS Yearbook? Many times companies may want to pass along a message to an employee's child by purchasing a business ad.
  • ... anyone can submit photos from this school year to be considered for the yearbook? We love to see the school year from everyone's points of view!
  • ... the yearbook staff have taken literally hundreds of photos of the recycling bin in the library while checking to make sure a camera had battery power and that the white balance was adjusted properly?
  • ... that yearbook advisers have deleted literally hundreds of photos of the recycling bin in the library while uploading photos from the yearbook cameras?
  • ... it costs over $11,000 to create and print 150 yearbooks?
  • ... nearly half of the cost of the yearbook is covered by advertising? Without it the book would cost twice as much!
  • ... that the yearbook staff listened to the entirety of Modern Vampires of the City at least 37 times during the making of the 2015 Spartan Yearbook?
  • ... that during the making of the 2016 Spartan Yearbook, no one could stand Modern Vampires of the City anymore, and it was not listened to once?

2018 Faculty Adviser: Emily Charpentier
2018 Student Editor: Emily Lavigne

Please contact with any questions.