Student Research - Poster Printing

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Posters are a visual medium - reduce text!  Samples are hanging on the 3rd floor of Graff Main Hall
Prepare a 2 minute oral "overview" for people who ask "What did you find?" or "Tell me about your study?" that involves you directing them visually to key components of your poster/study.

Step 1: Confirm the appropriate size poster needed for your particular conference. If you are presenting at more than one conference, make your poster in the smaller size.  Video showing how to set your a slide to your poster size:

NCUR - no larger than 46" x 40" (width X height)
MPA - no larger than 5' X 3' (width X height)
NASP - no larger than 5' X 3' (width X height)

Step 2: Design your poster in PowerPoint AFTER setting the slide to be the ultimate size of the poster wanted. 

Step 3: Have your advisor review your poster for typos/errors etc.

Step 4: Printing your poster.  Please work with Sheri Craig (Psychology's Administrative Assistant) to submit the order - making sure to let her know if you have grant money to help pay for the cost. Graduate students should apply for funding through Graduate Studies Office -  there is a form at the bottom of this link

Step 5: If you do not have grant money, we recommend DigiCopy Inc. (you will get a discount if you mention that it is a UW-L project and have your ID card read).  4332 Mormon Coulee Rd, Shelby Mall La Crosse, (608) 782-4355.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR POSTER FOR PRINTING A WEEK IN ADVANCE and check the final printing for errors. 

We recommend AGAINST lamination - it makes the posters difficult to read. 

The department would appreciate keeping your posters after you present (bring to 335 GMH).

  • Title lettering should be at least 1" tall.  For the primary text no font should be smaller than 18 and we recommend 22-24.
  • Please include UW-L Logo on the poster - download from
  • Please include your faculty advisor's name and a reference to the psychology department
    • (Faculty Sponsor - Alex O'Brien; Psychology)
  • To reduce text, we recommend reducing your abstract, intro, method, results, and discussion to "1" double - spaced page FIRST before placing cutting paste text to the poster template.
  • You can download examples of templates from several sites including: - make sure to download the correct size.
  • Excellent tips from Psi Chi
  • Keep APA style for referencing and presenting statistical data - but for text presentation, tables and figures you are freed up to be more creative.  You may use bullets and you may bold or highlight important components.  In addition, for the format of the poster, you may want do center the results visually and place the other elements based on what makes sense and is easy to read/
  • Grid lines and sizing? - on the "view" tab you can click on "ruler" and "grid" to show lines that might help you keep the elements aligned.