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Project Based Learning with Nick Pretasky

posted Oct 4, 2012, 7:35 AM by UW-L Kappa Delta Pi

Location: Centennial 337

Date and Time: 10/1/2012


Officers Present: Amy Tripp, Beth Niebuhr, Aimee Herrick, Brianne Unger, Courtney Hackett, Stephanie Attoe

Absent Officers: Megan Amenda

Counselors Present: --

Counselors Absent: Dr. Willhite, Dr. Iwai


Order of Business:

·  Announcements from Student WEA

·  Presentation by Nick Pretasky from La Crosse Design Institute

o – graphic word organizer – most used phrases appear larger

o   “Stand and Deliver” vs “The Collective”

§  Stand in front, lecture, do as told

§  Use other peoples’ ideas to educate students

o   Project-Based Learning: student directed projects

§  Still includes teacher directed projects (but very little)

o   Student Centered Project-Based Learning

§  Individualized Learning Plan

·        Student-led conference

o   Individualized Plan

o   45 Minute Portfolio Presentation

§  Project Examples

·        Make it simple – They’ll make it complex

·        Make it complex – They’ll make it simple

o   Individual time spent with students