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Monday February 27, 2012

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The Beta Tau Chapter

Location: Room 165
Date and Time: 2/27/2012

Officers Present: Amy Tripp, Beth Niebuhr, Alie La Grange, Elizabeth Stark, Hannah Gutschenritter, Elizabeth Rosendale, Alyssa Laws
Absent Officers:
Counselors Present:
Counselors Absent: Dr. Willhite, Dr. Iwai

Order of Business:
  • Elizabeth: Announcements
  • Shelia Wirkus: Alternate Student Teaching Options
    • UWL known for its education programs
    • Internship
    • Most competitive
    • Created as part of The Wisconsin Improvement Program
    • Can apply for internship anywhere in the state
      • 3.0 bare minimum GPA
      • 3 letters of recommendation
      • Brief interview with Office of Field Experience
      • Accepts about ten interns
      • Great track record of interns being successful
      • You will get 2 emails a week from Shelia about opportunities. You will be given the area and certification requirements. 
      • School size and district size depends
      • You should start the internship process during field 2
      • If a district is suffering financially and has a lot of early retirements, often times they will do internship types of situations until they can afford a full time teacher.
    • Student teaching abroad
      • Educators abroad, a company UWL uses along with sister schools all over Wisconsin.
      • 4 successful abroad teachers. New Zealand, Cameroon, Ireland, Vienna, and more!
      • For very flexible people that are up for a challenge!
      • Placed in English speaking schools all over the world.
      • Process similar to internship pool: 3 letters of recommendation, testament to independence, preparedness, flexibility, and problem solving abilities. 
      • Local placement for 9 weeks, abroad for 10 weeks. 
      • May struggle to find a specific location, you cant be too picky!
      • Risk involved
      • You will have a local backup plan.
      • Elizabeth: Start ASAP!
      • Go to 
      • There are a lot of materials you must fill out: letters of recommendation, personal narrative, etc.
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