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Monday, April 23, 2012

posted Apr 23, 2012, 6:11 PM by Unknown user
The Beta Tau Chapter 

Location: Room 165
Date and Time: 2/27/2012

Officers Present: Amy Tripp, Beth Niebuhr, Alie La Grange, Hannah Gutschenritter, Elizabeth Rosendale
Absent Officers: Alyssa Laws, Elizabeth Stark,
Counselors Present: 
Counselors Absent: Dr. Willhite, Dr. Iwai

Order of Business:
    • Announcements: Liz Rosendale
    • Peter Stovall: Prezi Presentations
      • Prezi is catching on and becoming the new Powerpoint!
      • You can add in pictures, and YouTube videos as well as words.
      • Choose different text colors, fonts, and themes for your presentation
      • You can even hide images in your presentation for surprise.
      • You can put text over pictures.
      • Collaboration is possible! You can share it with people and edit the Prezi all at once.
      • There are timelines and pre-made charts available.
      • Drawing on Prezi is possible.
      • FREE!
      • Easy to translate Powerpoints into Prezi’s
      • Time to make our own Prezi!
      • The hardest part is figuring out at what level of zoom you want to start!
      • Use blue tool heel to create Prezi
      • Don’t use too big of an image or your Prezi may crash.
      • You can add lots of different colors of text, rotate texts, and use different sizes.
      • Not very many text editing features like there are in Microsoft Word.
      • Frames group items together, but do not show up in presentations.
      • Many great tutorials available for help using Prezi features.
      • Path feature hleps direct your Powerpoint during the actual presentation.
      • Choose if you want to zoom in on words, or frame when determining your presentations path.
      • You can either create a linear path, or drag and drop frames along the side to determine path.
      • Prezi also has paint features that allow you to draw and create shapes.
      • So many features! It is hard to explain through words. One of the best ways to learn about Prezi is to view Prezi tutorials and play around making your own Prezi! All of this can be done at