GIS and Geovisualization lab is under the Department of Geography and Earth Science, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. This lab consists of small group of undergraduate students and faculty on-campus who are working on variety of applications of geocomputational techniques to study land use change, transportation analysis, crime patterns, sustainability etc. Details about student research projects can be found in the current and past undergraduate research project pages. 

If you are interested in conducting 'Undergraduate Research (Geo/Esc 499)' or undertaking 'Independent Study (Geo/Esc 490/590)' related to GIS please contact Dr. Gargi Chaudhuri and/or Dr. Niti B. Mishra. Prospective students will need to discuss their research ideas with the faculty, and then develop a research plan. Geo/Esc 250 and 385 are pre-requisite for conducting any GIS based research. Further, based on your research interest you may take other courses on Advanced GIS, Intro. and Advanced Remote Sensing, Map Design, Webmapping, Field Methods, and Spatial Data Analysis.