Welcome to the FastTrack Program

FastTrack is a six-week online program designed to enhance your mathematics skills in the areas of Algebra and Geometry. After completing the online modules, you should be prepared to take the Mathematics Placement Exam with the intent that you will raise your placement score to the college math level. 

Though you do not receive any grades during this program, your “final” is the Math Placement Test. Preparing diligently and working actively with the instructor and the online tutors will be vital to a successful Math Placement Test and subsequent entry into MTH 150: College Algebra.

In this E-Study Guide you will find digital materials clustered into the following modules:

        1. Review
        2. Absolute Value & Inequalities
        3. Linear Equations
        4. Geometry
        5. Systems of Linear Equations
        6. Exponents
        7. Polynomials
        8. Factoring I
        9. Factoring II
        10. Solving by Factoring
        11. Radicals & Exponents
        12. Rational Expressions

The modules in this site are introduced using Learning Objects (or LOs). If you are new to this site, we recommend that you visit the New to this site? page. 

This site may contain discussions of areas of mathematics that will not appear on the exam. 

You may find additional materials at the sites listed in the Useful Links.

The UW System Institute for Innovation in Undergraduate Research and Learning (IIURL) has developed this site to share a collection of digital learning objects (LOs). These materials are designed to prepare students for the Wisconsin Placement Exam in Mathematics by helping to develop a deeper understanding of the material.