Writing for Professional Purposes

This category includes a variety of items from the traditional term paper to professional development plans (PDPs). Writing assignments involve processing ideas that are central to the profession of teaching. These assignments may involve discussing theoretical ideas in a scholarly manner or discussing the impact of a theory on a teacher candidate’s own professional development. These are the kinds of assignments are found in many traditional majors, but there are also several types of formal writing assignments in this category that are unique to the field of education, for example, recording formal observation data and writing student evaluations and/or report cards.

The list below documents a number of writings that can be identified throughout the EC-MC and MC-EA programs. They begin in the pre-block classes of EDS 308 Foundation of Literacy for Early Childhood-Middle Childhood/Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence and EDS 303 Foundations of American Education then continue through to Field Experience II.

  • presentations

  • recording formal observational data

  • case study summary reports

  • professional development plans  (PDP)

  • letters of application

  • student evaluations/ report cards

  • observations

  • digital storytelling

  • analytical writing with research data (research summaries regarding school issues, critiques, literature reviews)
  • philosophy papers
  • research projects
  • book reports
  • synthesis writing of philosophical, ideological and theoretical frameworks of education
  • lab reports
  • web projects
  • response/reaction/critical essays