Writing for Curriculum and Pedagogical Purposes

Some of the main tasks of a teacher are to plan, develop, and implement lesson plans into the district curriculum. More and more these tasks are becoming public in nature. The trend in education is toward accountability; teachers must implement district curricular decisions as well as the state and federal mandates. Additionally, writing sound curriculum is a necessary ingredient in developing a strong and successful educational setting. In our methods classes (during Field Experiences I & II) our teacher candidates frequently engage in writing lessons and unit plans. They must learn how to write precise objectives, outline the activities of their lessons and/or units, and structure their assessments in order to assure they are teaching and the students are learning what content they are teaching, thus ensuring a solid foundation for the continual learning of all. These goals call for careful attention to detail in writing mechanics, concepts and ideas.

Typical writing activities that deal with curriculum and pedagogical issues:

  • unit plans
  • lesson plans
  • curriculum proposals
  • behavior plans