Welcome to UW-L!
College of Liberal Studies, School of Arts and Communications, School of Education


1. If you have not already done so, pay your $100 enrollment deposit. Your transfer credit evaluation will then be completed and you 
    will be able to view your transfer credit evaluation in your WINGS Student Center. Your transfer credit report will typically be 
    available within 2 weeks of receiving your enrollment deposit. You will receive an email notification when the evaluation of your 
    credits is complete.
  • Do it right away!
2. After the evaluation is complete, call the CLS Academic Services Office, 608-785-5454, to 
    schedule a face-to-face or phone appointment. Your appointment will be scheduled with Tim, 
    Kathy, or Pete depending on your major. During the appointment your advisor will:
  • Review your transfer credit evaluation
  • Review and explain your Advisement Report (see #3 below)
  • Recommend courses for your first semester at UW-L
  • Answer any other questions
Tim Walls: works with Art, Music, English, Modern Languages, Communication Studies, Theatre Arts, and Philosophy majors

Kathy Elgin: works with Psychology Majors 
Peter Stovall: works with Archaeology, History, Political Science,  Public Administration, Sociology,  Anthropology, and Women's Studies majors as well as teacher education candidates