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ANT 354 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America


Course Description
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America is a survey course that presents students with an anthropological perspective on contemporary peoples living in Central and South America, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and Mexico. The course starts with a brief introduction to Latin American pre-histories, exploring how the past influences present-day societies. The course then examines particular cultural aspects of the region overall, such as patterns of subsistence, religion and ideology, social movements, politics, social organization, race and ethnicity, gender and gender relations, popular culture and the media, and tourism and development. Discussions throughout the course will also focus on Latin Americans living abroad and how Latin American cultures are shaping, and shaped by, other cultures around the globe.

Pre-requisite: ANT 101 or ANT/SOC 202 or SOC 110 or SOC 120

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Students will be able to define, describe, and explain terms, concepts, and theories related 
to cultural anthropology and Latin American Studies. 
2. Students will be able to apply anthropological concepts to analyze social phenomena and 
evaluate theoretical and actual solutions to social problems in Latin America.
3. In both class discussions and informal and formal written exercises, students will 
communicate the historical, social, and political roots of contemporary cultural practices 
in Latin America.
4. Students will develop the ability to critically think about the way Latin America is 
portrayed in the media.