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ANT 454 Historical and Theoretical Approaches in Anthropology


Course description

This course examines the history of anthropological thought since the beginning of the discipline.  The course will specifically look at theories and theorists using a historical perspective, demonstrating the ways that social events and cultural forces have helped shape theoretical and methodological paradigm shifts throughout the history of the discipline.  Students will also be required to analyze ethnographies as cultural artifacts by examining the strategies writers use to represent cultures and their role as anthropologists.  Students who enroll in this class MUST  be Juniors or Seniors.

Pre-requisite: Junior or Senior standing.

Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Students will define and utilize concepts and theories in anthropology and their historical development.

2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to apply anthropological concepts, theories, and skills to students’ own major disciplines as well as in their future careers.

3.  Students will gain proficiency in the use and evaluation of appropriate social science-related resources, such as library and electronic sourcing aides.

4.  Students will communicate effectively both orally and in writing.