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ANT 290 Andean Anthropology


Course description

This course focuses on peoples and cultures of the South American Andean region.  Students will examine the various cultural beliefs and practices detailed in the ethnographic record of Andean peoples, such as the impacts and influence of colonialism on the present; religions and rituals; race, ethnicity, and gender; contemporary social movements; globalization, development, and patterns of migration; and the portrayal of the region in the media. 

Pre-requisite: ANT 101, ANT 202, SOC 110, or SOC 120.

Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Students will be able to define, describe, and explain terms, concepts, and theories related to cultural anthropology and Latin American Studies.

2. Students will be able to apply anthropological concepts to analyze cultural patterns and culture change, as well as evaluate theoretical and actual solutions to social problems in the Andes.

3.  In both class discussions and informal and formal written exercises, students will communicate the historical, social, and political roots of contemporary cultural practices in the Andes, as well as of life among Andean peoples living outside of the region.