To hold a position in the organization you must be a member of BAP and meet all the requirements to be a member.  Once these requirements are met, all you must do is attend the election day meeting and run for a position.  If more than one person wants to run for a position, everyone will vote on who they believe should hold that position.  A list of the positions that can be run for are as follows: President-Elect (becomes president the following semester), VP-Communications, VP-Fundraising, VP- Recruiting, VP-Volunteering, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Fall 2016 Officers 
President: Vincent Dombrowski  
President-Elect: Vincent Dombrowski 
Secretary: Dalton Eldredge 
Treasurer: Angela Sparks 
VP-Communications: Brianna Morrissey
VP-Volunteering: Kendall Westrich 
VP-Recruiting: Jenny Butscher
VP-Fundraising: Ryan Shavlik