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Blog Posts


A blog assignment asks students to contribute a specified number of posts to a blog related to the topics and concepts in your course.

Instructor Notes

You may set up the assignment by specifying the blogs to which students should post, creating guidelines for blog posts and coaching students on how to contribute substantive material to a blog. Two alternatives to the blog post assignment are:

1. Evaluate Blogs. Students review and evaluate the content of blogs related to your field of study. By pooling students' reviews, the class can create a resource manual for students and professionals in the designated field.

2. Course Blog. Ask students to collectively create a new blog relevant to the course content. They might participate in identifying the purpose, goals and scope of the blog. For example, in an introductory psychology course students might create a blog to Dispel Myths about Human Behavior. Each student or groups of students would be responsible for identifying, researching and explaining popular myths about human behavior.

Sample Assignments

Using Blogs to Promote Authentic Learning in the Classroom (resources, ideas, commentary on using blogs in the classroom)