Production Timelines

UCSA Marketing & Technology Production Timelines
The below time allotments are averages and account for clients providing necessary assets (photography, text, etc.) These time estimates are based on the amount of time required to complete the project, as well as the amount of projects currently open in the queue.

Graphic Design Services

Postcards/Posters/Flyers(2 to 3 weeks): Single-sided/double-sided informational or event driven materials (It is suggested that you post your event posters/flyers at least 3 weeks prior to your event date.)

Web/Social Media Graphics (1 to 2 weeks): Graphics for a web page or a social media site.

Brochures (2 to 3 weeks): Two-sided, single-sheet and folded materials (tri-fold or quad-fold) for mailing or distributing.

Tshirt Design (2 to 3 weeks): Design and color separations for tshirt printing.(Time may vary based on number of sides and colors being printed)

Booklet/Publication (4 weeks to 3 months): Two-sided, multi-page, folded and bound for distribution. (Please note timing varies considerably due to the size and scope of this type of project)

Button Design (2 to 3 days): Creating graphics to be made into buttons, or formatting existing graphics for button production (For actual button production, please talk to the Front Desk.)

Photo Retouching, Editing & Posting (24 hours): After a UCSA event, photos from that event can be retouched and posted to our Facebook. The corrected photos will then be stored on the O Drive for future use.

Public Relations Services

Social Media Announcement (ASAP): Post an announcement to each of the UCSA social media outlets

UWF Calendar Event Submission (24 hours): Post an event to the UWF Event Calendar (Please note that once the event is submitted, the UWF Calendar Administrator must then approve it before it is live on the website. Approval turnaround will vary.)

TV Slide (48 hours): Create a graphic slide and post it on the Four Winds announcement system.

Social Media Event Creation (1 week): Events hosted by UCSA, CAB, Voyages, Gamesters, etc., need to be created by the UCSA Facebook page, NOT individuals. The Marketing & Technology Coordinator will create event pages and any needed graphics. (It is suggested that the Facebook event be created and invitations sent out at least 2 weeks prior to your event date.)