"The English Internship Program was the perfect end to my English degree at the University of West Florida. This class gave me the chance to test the language and communication skills that I have been acquiring for the past four years. After my internship, I now have the confidence to employ my skills in the workplace."
 --Emilee Pendl
An internship with the English Department involves the following and more:
  • The internship coordinator will be there to help you in finding an internship from our internship database or an opportunity that you have previously located on your own. The coordinator will also assist you in the interviewing process.
  • You will receive credit from your internship.
  • Your internship supervisor will write you a letter of recommendation at the end of your internship.
  • You will work 15 - 20 hours for 15 weeks in an internship that will allow you to experience a job where you can use skills gained during your studies as an English major and that will teach you important skills for a future career.
  • You will be required to complete a midterm and a final report reflecting on your internship experience.
Types of Internships Offered:     
  •  Editing
  • Social Network Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Grant Writing (for non-profit organizations)
  • Teaching
  • Public Relations/ Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Library
  • Copywriting
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing
Internship Eligibility:
    Undergraduate majors
  •    75 completed semester hours of academic work for paid internships or 90 completed semester hours of academic work for unpaid, internships
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Application approved by internship coordinator
    Graduate majors
  • 3.0 GPA
  • 2 completed semesters of course work
  • Application approved by internship coordinator

Applications should be submitted to the internship coordinator by week 7 of the semester prior to the semester you wish to intern.

Internship for Academic Credit:

  • Unpaid internships - 3 credit hours that will fulfill the capstone requirement in English. May be repeated up to 6 credits total.
  • Paid internships - 1 credit hour per semester for 3 semesters.  This is a Co-op experience through English and Career Services.  It will count as a capstone, but not for credit towards the degree in English. 
Contact department intern coordinator to begin the application process for both internship options.
To view possible placement sites for paid internships, go to Jason Quest.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Attend internship orientation session and 2 group meetings.
  • Sign internship agreement form that outlines internship.
  • Submit a midterm and final reflection essays to the intern coordinator (undergraduates).
  • Submit a final reflection essay to the intern coordinator (graduates).
  • Develop a professional portfolio by end of intern semester.
  • Show up to work and complete all required tasks.
  • Log in weekly hours with intern coordinator
  • Engage in periodic online discussions with other interns (undergraduates).
  • Maintain a weekly discussion online with other interns (graduates).
Setting Up the Internship:
  1. Contact Dr. Regina Sakalarios-Rogers with your completed application by email at ras@uwf.edu, by phone at  (850) 474-2926, or in person at building 50, room 226.
  2. Make an appointment to review your resume and application the semester before you plan to intern. Make sure to bring an updated resume and your completed application to this appointment.
  3. Intern candidates may be required to complete Writing Lab Diagnostic or tutoring depending upon intern coordinator's assessment of writing sample submitted with application.
  4. Discuss your internship preferences and placement opportunities to find an internship.
  5. Interview for your potential internship with the help of the intern coordinator.
  6. Register for ENC4940 to get credit for your internship if you are selected for the intern position.

Grade Scale

You will receive a grade on a graded scale of an A through an F. Your grade will be based on your internship supervisor's midterm and final evaluations as well as the written materials submitted to the internship coordinator. 

For More Information Contact:
    Regina Sakalarios-Rogers
    Intern Coordinator
    Department of English & Foreign Languages
    University of West Florida
    11000 University Parkway
    Pensacola, FL  32514