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Important Information for Businesses

Why are interns right for you?

With our internships, your company will have hard workers that have gone through a rigorous screening process. Our interns are either graduate or undergraduate students who possess  superior skills not only in writing, editing, communication, and research but also in creative and critical thinking. Interns enrolled in our program are proven hard workers who have displayed superior work ethic, self-discipline, and unusual planning skills in reaching their level of academic achievement. In order for these above average students to receive experience outside the academy in complement of their coursework, we rely on great organizations such as yours to help us. As an organization employing English major interns, you will benefit from their talents and their continuing desire to learn. In addition already tested interns can become a valuable source of new employee candidates.

To apply fill out our Intern request form located at the top of the sidebar and forward via email to ras@uwf.edu or via fax to 474-2935.


 What must our intern candidates do?
  • In order to enter the program, interns must be English majorswith at least 75 - 90 completed semester hours of academic work if undergraduates
  • with 2 completed semesters of study if graduates
  • with an overall GPA of 3.0. 
  • selected based on resumes, interviews, writing samples, and personal qualifications. 
  • be specifically matched with employers based on qualifications related to the employer's job description. 
  • reporting back to our internship coordinator for progress updates.   

What does employing an intern mean for you?

            During an interns placement with your organization, we will ask you, as their in-field supervisor, to ensure that the student intern is receiving a quality learning/mentoring experience by
  • providing intern coordinator with a job description and/or registering your organization with Jason Quest (a system provided by UWF for students and employers to connect).
  • completing an internship agreement outlining both the intern's responsibilities to your organization and your organizations responsibilities to the intern
  • provide learning experience for intern
  • have a supervisor on-site directly responsible for mentoring and training intern 
  • provide written evaluation of students at mid-term and the conclusion of the semester
  • write a letter of recommendation at the end of the internship 


What will UWF students offer you?
UWF interns undertake a variety of courses, and their skills vary. 


 Studying at UWF allows students to experience creative writing, newspaper writing, technical/professional writing, playwriting, academic writing, and writing in various public genres.


UWF offers courses spefically designed to teach our students strong writing habits, and offers them experience in  peer-editing, Writing Lab employment, and self-editing.


Students are offered courses to improve newspaper reporting in which they learn how to shape news articles through interviews, research, and personal observation.


 Students, throughout their studies as English majors are challenged to strengthen their ability to think critically, analytically, and creatively as well as to develop intensive and focused research practices. 


Do you want to take part in our program? 

We have two internship options available:

  1. Single semester (16 weeks) internships not requiring compensation by employer. These internships are managed directly through the Department of English and Foreign Languages intern coordinator.
  2. Multiple semester (one year) internships requiring compensation by employer. These internships are managed jointly by UWF Career Services and the Department of English and Foreign Languages intern coordinator. Registration in Jason Quest is required.
To get started, contact:
Regina Sakalarios-Rogers
Intern Coordinator
Department of English & Foreign Languages
11000 University Parkway
Pensacola, FL 32514    


Please note that our interns are open to interning in a variety of places, and while our university is in Pensacola, we do not limit our students to in-town or in-state opportunities.