One of the very important components of the Information Engineering Technology and Information Technology Network & Telecommunications B.S. degree programs, is the requirement for you as learners to complete a capstone experience, in the form of a professional internship at the end of your programs.


Two Semesters Out
You should begin doing your intelligence gathering two semesters prior to your internship. 
    • Identify the organizations like the ones you are interested in pursuing as a career. 
    • Identify who their IT and their Human Resources persons are. 
    • Research the organization and identifiy the thing that distinguishes them in their market.
    • Identify who their competitors are.
    • Identify what The major concerns, issues, threats to that particular industry might be and how your target organizations are addressing them.
    • Join  local organizations or societies of IT professionals and attend all of the meetings. Most areas have at least one. Spend time talking to people during the networking opportunities they always host. 
One Semester Out
Begin making contact with the people you identified in  the steps above.
  • Send them a custom-tailored resume for that organization based upon your intelligence gathering
  •  Send them a well-crafted cover letter that explains why you are contacting them and hosting you would be of benefit to them as well as yourself.
  • Do not be discouraged if you get a 10% hit rate, but be heartened by the likelihood that anyone who expresses an interest in you will most likely agree to an internship.
  • Sign up for the internship course, and submit all of the paperwork (See "About Internships" and "Documents"
Internship Semester
Be ready to report to work and begin your journey
  • Maintain your Journal as specified in "About Internships"
  • Make opportunities to talk in detail to your supervisor and the organization leadership to get their perspectives on IT Operations.
  • Behave Responsibility and Ethically. 
  • Turn this internship into a job, or prepare the way for the learners coming behind you by demonstrating that the investment your host made in you was well worth it to them and makes them want to bring in more interns from UWF when you leave.

Note to Learners located in the Pensacola Area:

Dr. Dawson's home organization, The Innovation Institute of the University of West Florida has an opening every semester for one of our learners needing an internship. The position involves primary tech support for the institute. It is currently an unpaid position. It requires 15hr/week on site for the duration of the semester in which it is taken. There are many opportunities for exposure to large-scale systems and to network among local business leaders in IT. If you are interested, please contact  ddawson@uwf.edu, 850-474-2018.


The Provost’s Office has worked with the Division of Student Affairs, Office of General Counsel and COPS to develop the attached form that must be submitted before an internship assignment is made. 

Because many hosting entities require student insurance, and because of the litigiousness of our society, it is imperative that we ensure that insurance requirements are addressed.  Accordingly, you will note that the Office of Risk Management is included in the routing process.

New federal rules require that we have authorization to conduct classes in other states (state authorization).  Some states consider internships as a physical presence triggering additional requirements including payment of certain registration fees.  Accordingly, you will note that the Director of Distance Learning and Continuing Education is included in the routing process. 

SACS compliance efforts require evidence of student and community engagement.  Accordingly, you will note that Student Affairs and the Office of the Provost are included in the routing process. 

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