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UWCCR 2017-2018 School Profile

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Your Second Years share their advice in this word cloud:

Harvey Miller joins the UWCCR community from China, where he served as Senior College Counselor in the international curriculum division of two of the country’s top public high schools. Previously, Harvey spent seven years in his native Jamaica guiding hundreds of high school students through the admissions process of US, UK and Canadian universities. Over the course of his time in Jamaica, he worked as a college counselor at two private educational consulting organizations as well as the American International School of Kingston. Harvey’s commitment to the field of education began during his undergraduate years at Yale University, where he obtained a B.A. in History in 2007. Upon graduation, Harvey served as a member of MATCH Corps, a one-year urban education fellowship in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ed Tourle graduated from Brighton University in 2007 as a qualified Primary Educator. After eight years in the role, he discovered Pestalozzi International Village Trust UK. After an initial role as a Global Dimensions Project Manager, he took up the Head of Student Education position. Ed worked with approximately forty students per year, hailing from nine countries around the world. He managed their educational program and all University applications. In 2015, Ed joined the International ACAC Scholars Program to attend the Oregon conference. From this he joined the Admissions Practice Committee for International ACAC and the HALI Access Network in 2016. In 2017 he was awarded the Rising Star Award at the International ACAC Conference in Cleveland.

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