This is the official website of the University of Waterloo Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Association (MMEGA).  On this site you will find information on MMEGA and any planned social events for MMEGA members.


28 Nov, 2013: Don't forget to fill out the MME grad survey before Dec. 2nd and get your name in for the gift card prizes!

25 Nov, 2013: Congratulations to the newly elected MMEGA executives. They are as follows:

                    President: Ari Laor               

                    VP Social: Abhishek Raj

                    VP Academic: Jimy Gomes

                    CP Communications: Robert Liang

                    GSA Representative: Boyd Panton

                    MEng Representative: Saeid Khavandi

                    Director: Ahmad Basalah

18 Nov, 2013: Election nominations: nominate yourself for a position on the MMEGA executive. It gives you an opportunity to make and see changes within the department and looks great on your resume! Those of you who are intrested in running for a position in MMEGA please e-mail your nominations asap to apequegn@uwaterloo.ca. The duties of each executive position can be found under the constitution section of this site.

18 Nov, 2013: It's that time of year again, MME grad survey time!! MMEGA and the MME department have put together a confidential survey for MME grad students. This survey is your opertunity to comment on your grad student experience and help improve the program. Take advantage of it! It was a great success last year with the department quickly addressing many of your issues. Oh ya, there are two $50 and one $100 gift cards to be won at the department holiday lunch for those of you who complete the survey! The survey is available on your UW learn account. Check it out https://cas.uwaterloo.ca/cas/login?service=http%3a%2f%2flearn.uwaterloo.ca%2fd2l%2forgtools%2fCAS%2fDefault.aspx.

31 Oct, 2013: It was great to see everyone out at our Halloween Pizza pary! Keep your eyes peeled for a few more things coming your way from MMEGA (via email and site updates)

29 July, 2013: Thanks for everyone who came out to the MMEGA mixer at the grad house. Hope you all enjoyed the free food and board games!!

29 Jan, 2013: A big welcome to our new exec members! 

19 Feb, 2012: Join our Facebook Group!

16 Dec, 2010: MMEGA held a paintball event on December 15th (Paintball Event)

16 Nov, 2010: 90 graduate students completed a survey about TA issues at the department.(Polls and Surveys)