Graduate Alumnae

Zakiya Adair, Ph.D. 2010


Dissertation title: "Negotiating Spectacle: Florence Mills, Josephine Baker and Adelaide Hall, a Study of Transnational Black Women’s Expressive Culture 1920-1935.”


Current Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Women's & Gender Studies, University of Missouri



Alka Arora, Ph.D. 2008


Dissertation title: "Feminist Spiritual Activism: A Conversation Across Traditions."


Current Position: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Women's Spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies



Amy Bhatt, Ph.D. 2011


Dissertation title: “At Home in Globalization: Social Reproduction, Transnational Migration, and the Circulating Indian IT Worker.”


Current Position: Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Language, Literacy and Culture Program, University of Maryland, Baltimore



Brianna Blaser, Ph.D. 2008


Dissertation title: "More than Just Lab Partners: Women Scientists and Engineers Married to and Partnered with Other Scientists and Engineers."


Current Position: DO-IT Counselor/Coordinator, University of Washington



Renee Byrd, Ph.D. 2013


Dissertation title: "Punishment's Twin: Theorizing Prisoner Reentry for a Politics of Abolition."


Current Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Humboldt State University



Jeanette Bushnell, Ph.D. 2009


Dissertation title: "I can think of a lot of stories.' Shared Knowledges, Indigenous Methodology and Purposeful Conversations with Sixteen Native Women in Seattle."


Current Position: Lecturer, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington


Rebecca Castner, Ph.D. 2012


Dissertation title: “Manufacturing Identities, Producing Poverty: Criminalizing Poor Women Through Welfare Fraud.”


Current Position: Freelance speaker and human rights activist.



Calla Chancellor, Ph.D. 2011


Dissertation title: "Making it Better for Queer Youth: Troubling (Neo)liberal Rhetorics of Visibility and Empowerment."


Current Position: Instructional Consultant, The Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Washington, Seattle



Sara P. Diaz, Ph.D. 2012


Dissertation title: "Gender, Race, and Science: A Feminista Analysis of Women of Color in Science."


Current Position: Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Gonzaga University



Martha Gonzalez, Ph.D. 2013

Dissertation title: Chican@Artivistas: East Los Angeles Trenches, Transborder Tactics."


Current position: Assistant Professor of Chicano Studies, Intercollegiate Chicana/Latina Studies Program, Scripps, The Women’s College


For more information on Gonzalez's work:



Mae C. Henderson, Ph.D. 2006


Dissertation title: "Fractured Mothering: African American Mothers at the Crossroads of Expectation and Reality."


Current positions: CFWS Social Work Supervisor, Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Children's Administration, Department of Children Family Services and Lecturer, Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, University of Washington



Alyssa Hellrung, Ph.D. 2009

Dissertation title: "Athletic Girls: External Support, Internal Motivation, and Advanced Participation in Sport."

Current positions: Program Director and Coach for the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts School of Flight and Lecturer, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, University of Washington


Nina Young Kim, Ph.D. 2013

Dissertation title: "The 'Call of God': Korean American Women's Activism in the Pacific Northwest."


Current positions: Lecturer, Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, University of Washington and Instructor, Northwest University


Janice L. Kinney, Ph.D. 2010


Dissertation title: "Making Church: The Experience of Spirituality in Women's Choruses."

Current position: Senior Instructional Designer, Distance Learning Design, UW Educational Outreach



 Kristina Knoll, Ph.D. 2012


Dissertation title: "Exploring Feminist Disability Studies: Bridging Activism, Theory, Identity Politics, and Coalition Building."



Kristy A. Leissle, Ph.D. 2008


Dissertation title: "Cocoa and cash, culture and chocolate: A feminist analysis of trade and development in Ghana and Britain."


Current position: Lecturer, University of Washington, Bothell; Freelance Writer, Editor



Serena Maurer, Ph.D. 2006


Dissertation title: "Feminist Border Praxis: Exploring Racialized Citizenship and Gender Reproduction in Yakima Valley"


Current Position: Lecturer, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, University of Washington



Michelle L. McGowan, Ph.D. 2008


Dissertation Title: "Stem Cells, Genetic Selection, and Strong Embryos: A Feminist Analysis of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis."


Current Position: Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Co- Director, PhD Program in Bioethics, Women's and Gender Studies Program Faculty, Case Western University


Dipika Nath, Ph.D. 2008


Dissertation title: "Feral Disorders and Colonial Exclusions: Animal Reared Feral Children, Discourses of Animality, and the Treatment of Animals in Colonial India."


Current Position: Freelance Writer and Researcher for Human Rights Watch and LGBTI Activist


Amy Peloff, Ph.D. 2011


Dissertation title: “Unexpected Feminisms: How Popular Culture Brought Feminism Beyond the Movement.”


Current Position: Assistant Director, Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington



Karen Rosenberg, Ph.D. 2008


Dissertation title: "From Moderate Chastisement to Mandatory Arrest:  Responses to Violence Against Women in Canada and the United States."


Current Position: Director, Writing and Communication Center, University of Washington, Bothell


Julie R.Severson, Ph.D. 2009


Dissertation title: "The Discourse of Conflict: A New Reading of Court-Ordered Cesarean Sections."


Current position: Healthcare Policy Analyst, Neighborhood House, Seattle