GWSS Associate Professor, Michelle Habell-Pallan, Keynote Speaker for PSU WGSS 8th Annual Colloquium April 18, 2014

Michelle Habell-Pallan is this year's keynote speaker for Portland State's Women, Gender and Sexualities Studies Department 8th Annual Colloquium, Redefining Identity, Beyond the Binary: Feminist and Queer Theory in Our Everyday Lives. Please follow this link for more information.


A Process in Progress: Contemporary Artists in Cairo's Arab Spring

            Alma Khasawnih, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, UW

            April 16, 2014 ¨ 3:30 - 5:00pm ¨ Allen Auditorium, Allen Library, ground floor, north wing, room 181L

In this presentation, PhD student of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, Alma Khasawnih, presents her work in progress. She sketches a visual narrative of Cairo’s Arab Spring through an exploration of the role of street artists and graffiti in challenging dominant articulations of the Revolution.

      WWR Press Release

2014 (Un) Conference & Film Festival - Honey & Healing

Historic Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave, Seattle 98122
April 24-26, 2014
All Events Free! Free registration @

 Warming up the Honey

            Thursday, April 24 ¨Doors Open at 5PM

Afrolatina Women Who Rock – honoring Afrolatinas in the arts: Films, discussions, goods for sale, music and dance performances  details at: or

 Honey and Healing
        Friday, April 25 ¨ 3:00 PM – 10 PM
3:00 Greenbodies “THE MIX” Market, Community Altar and Sugar Skull Workshop with Jacque Larrainzar , Slow Food, Music.
5:30 Film Festival
6:30 Community Jam Session – Featuring: Cypher lead by Julie C., Seattle Fandango Project, Yakima fandango Community, The Seattle Women’s Steel Pan Project
8:00 Keynote: Evelyn Harris of Sweet Honey in the Rock
9:15 Performance – 206 Zulu Malika Edition

   Spiking the Honey

        Saturday, April 26 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The Bush School, 3400 E. Harrison St., Seattle, WA

For More Information contact:

Luzviminda “Lulu” Carpenter, Michelle Habell-Pallan or Sonnet Retman,

Women Who Rock Community

(206) 543-6981 | |

Methodological Considerations in Designing and Conducting Web-based Qualitative Research

Michelle McGowan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Women’s and Gender Studies Program Faculty, Case Western Reserve University

            April 28, 2014 ¨ 3:30-5:00pm ¨ Communications Building, Room 226


'Comfortable Straight Jackets': Re-imagining Anti-Racist Feminist Activism under NGOization

Kate Boyd, Ph.D., winner of the first Nancy Hartsock prize in Feminist Theory for her essay, “Stop Thinking Properly: Feminist Activism and Coalescing with History.”

            April 30, 2014 ¨ 3:30-5:00pm ¨ Allen Auditorium, Allen Library, ground floor, north wing, room 181L

This presentation will explore the limits of dominant feminist theories of activism emerging primarily out of the social sciences that tend to privilege institutionalization and neo-liberal theories of global civil society as the horizon of social change struggles. We will then turn to the science fiction of Octavia Butler, specifically her short story "Amnesty," to think critically about NGO-centric political imaginaries and, moreover, to work towards creatively expanding how anti-racist feminist social movements imagine activism in the contemporary moment.

Sexual Economies

Additional information coming soon.

            The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Southeast Asia Center

            May 16, 2014, Location: HUB

Queering the Digital Storytelling Workshop: A Talk on Feminist Digital Media Praxis

Nicole Robert and Angelica Macklin, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, UW

            May 28, 2014 ¨ 3:30-5:00pm ¨ Allen Auditorium, Allen Library, ground floor, north wing, room 181L

GWSS Graduate Student Monica De La Torre has been accepted to the USC Annenberg Summer Institute on Diversity in Media and Culture, 16-20 June 2014.

According to the Annenberg Institute, the program "brings together exemplary doctoral students and faculty members from across the disciplines of Communication and Media Studies and around the nation to discuss issues of race, gender and difference in media, within the shifting conditions of technology, production, circulation and consumption as well as the shifting discourse of difference in the areas of politics, culture and globalization."

Monica is one of 20 doctoral students selected from across the United States.

                                                            ...and on the other side of the world


GWSS Graduate Student Shuxuan Zhou has been accepted to the Institute for Research on Women & Gender's Dissertation Workshops on Gender Studies summer program which is supported by The University of Michigan and Fudan University Joint Institute for Gender Studies, Shanghai.

Shuxuan is one of 20 doctoral students selected from across China.