Welcome to the Turecek Research Group

The Turecek group is currently involved in several lines of research using mass spectrometry as the core technique. A major area of research, supported by the National Science Foundation, concerns new methods of peptide and protein sequencing using special mass spectrometric techniques based on ion-electron recombination. Experimental studies are being carried out locally at the UW Proteomics Resource or in collaboration with other research in the U.S. and abroad (France, Denmark, Japan). For smaller model systems we employ a unique tandem mass spectrometer (declared tongue-in-cheek "Seattle's best mass spectrometer" by a local weekly and immortalized in an abstract painting sold to an art collector in Manchester, UK), which is used to generate transient neutral intermediates of chemical reactions relevant to the chemistries of the atmosphere, flames, and radiation damage. This research involves ion chemistry, kinetic measurements on the microsecond time scale, laser photoexcitation, isotope labeling, and theory. An important component of this research relies on high-level quantum chemical calculations including tunnel effects and unimolecular kinetics. To this end, the interested graduate students use the new cluster of several hundred 8-core, 64-bit processors with many GBytes of fast memory.

Graduate students in the Tureček group are exposed to a variety of ideas, techniques, and projects, which all contribute to a quality education. Ph.D. graduates enjoy excellent job opportunities in the booming mass spectrometry community in research, academia, drug development, and instrument manufacture.