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We develop new tools for high resolution fluorescence microscopy and use these tools, along with established ones, to understand the molecular-scale organization of biological systems. On the tool development side, we are synthesizing new fluorescent probes, creating new methods for tissue expansion and clearing, and developing assays to understand the organization of the genome. On the application side, we have partnered with biologists and pathologists to apply our imaging tools to the study of mouse neuronal circuitry, immune cell development, and pathology. Our diverse skill sets in chemistry, biology, and optics allows us to tackle these interdisciplinary problems.

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November 2017 - Our paper "Hybrid Structured Illumination Expansion Microscopy Reveals Microbial Cytoskeleton Organization" was published online at ACS Nano. Aaron captured some amazing, high-resolution snapshots of the cytoskeleton of Giardia lamblia, an important pathogen that actively infects about 4% of all humans. Thanks also to our collaborators Germain Alas and of Prof. Alex Paredez in the Department of Biology at UW.

October 2017 - Congratulations to Josh and Co-PI Prof. Hao Yuan Kueh of UW Bioengineering for receiving pilot funding from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative Human Cell Atlas project to develop new fluorescence-based methods to study stem cell differentiation. Congratulations, also, to Hyeon-Jin for receiving a UW Levinson Emerging Research Scholars Award!

September 2017 - Congratulations to Josh for receiving a Transformative Research Award R01 grant from the NIH/NIMH. This high-risk / high-reward funding will be used to support the group's work developing tools for in situ spatial transcriptomics together with UW Chemistry colleague Prof. Daniel Chiu.

August 2017- Congratulations to graduate student Marcus Woodworth who was selected as a trainee for the Molecular Biophysics Training Program! Josh presents our work at Frontiers and Challenges in Laser-Based Biological Microscopy in Telluride, CO. Several members traveled to Oregon to view the solar eclipse, check out Aaron's awesome photos!

July 2017- Aaron, Chenyi, Josh, and Tyler attend NeuroFutures 2017 at the University of British Columbia. Josh and Tyler present our work and Aaron, Chenyi, and Tyler help teach a workshop on Brain Clearing and Expansion. Thanks to our hosts Tim Murphy and Ann Marie Craig for organizing the wonderful meeting!

June 2017- Welcome to new BPSD graduate student Marcus Woodworth who joined the group! Congratulations to Hyeon-Jin for receiving the UW Department of Chemistry P.C. Cross Award for Physical Chemistry and the UW ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry!

March 2017- Our collaborative work with Prof. Linda Wordeman (UW Physiology and Biophysics) and Prof. Justin Kollman (UW Biochemistry) was published in Nature Cell Biology and is now available online. Welcome to new chemistry graduate student Chenyi Mao who joined the group!

February 2017
- Lauren has passed her general exam and is now a PhD candidate! 

January 2017-  Our collaborative work with Prof. Bo Zhang in the Department of Chemistry was accepted for publication in JACS and is now available online. Congratulations Hyeon-Jin for receiving a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship! More congratulations to Hyeon-Jin and Sarah for each receiving Degering Scholarships! We have amazing undergrads!

December 2016- Congratulations to Sarah for receiving a Mary Gates Research Scholarship

November 2016- Josh presents some of our work in two separate trips to Portland, OR. First at the Pacific Northwest Microscopy Symposium and second at the department of Biomedical Engineering at OHSU.

June-September 2016- Our work is featured on the June cover of Nature Methods, in a Nature Methods News and Views article, as well as in several other independent write-ups including the UW News, the UW Daily, BioTechniques, HHMI Image of the Week, and Nature Biotechnology! Josh presents the group's work in June at Chromo 2016 in Galway, Ireland, which Aaron also attended, and in August at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

May 2016- Tyler passed his general examination! Hyeon-Jin presents a poster at UW's Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

April 2016- Our paper "Expansion microscopy with conventional antibodies and fluorescent proteins" is published online at Nature Methods. Great work, team, and a special thanks to our awesome collaborators Dr. Haru Okawa and Prof. Rachel Wong.

March 2016- Josh presents some of our work at University of California, Santa Cruz. Congratulations to Marco and Min Yen for passing their second year exams! 

February 2016- Congratulations to Grant for being accepted to the HST-Wellman Summer Institute for Biomedical Optics