The Orator
Undergraduate Journal of Political Science is an annual publication edited, produced, and distributed by the Pi Sigma Alpha Nu Chapter from the University of Washington. The Orator was first published in 1984.

Mission Statement

The Orator at the University of Washington provides a forum for insightful undergraduate discourse and research. This publication‘s primary objective is to empower students to make creative and meaningful contributions to existing scholarship. In doing so, students affirm their understanding of the scientific method, fortify their ability to make compelling arguments, and, in the best tradition of the Socratic method, demonstrate their ability to question. By encouraging the further evolution of these skills, The Orator is the soap box upon which tomorrow‘s scholars and leaders find their voice.

Contact Information

University of Washington
UW Box 352238, SAO Box 258
Seattle, WA 98195-2238


The essays of the Orator do not necessarily represent the thoughts and/or ideas of the editing board, Pi Sigma Alpha, the Department of Political Science, or the University of Washington. All arguments, research, and ideas portrayed in the following essays are the sole view of the student writer. Citations and other issues relating to plagiarism also are the responsibility of the writer.