Portfolio Requirements

Students are encouraged to personalize their portfolio dependent on their individual interests, experiences, and intended audiences. The following are minimum requirements, but students are encouraged to include further elements as they see fit (such as a resume or CV, extracurricular activities or artifacts, links to blogs or personal websites, etc). See our Tips for Success page for more on this!

To meet the portfolio requirement necessary to graduate with Interdisciplinary or College Honors, the portfolio must include:

Please note that this plan reflects the requirements for a student who spends 4 years at UW. The overall number of course entries is dependent on the number of years a student is at UW: each year, students must include a minimum of 2 course entries. If a student graduates after 3 years, s/he would be responsible for 6+ course entries, 3 of which must be Honors courses, 1 of which must be a major-specific course, and the remainder of which are the student's choice.