UW Tech Law
University of Washington Technology Law Society

There are many great talents at the University of Washington working on the intersection of Law and Technology. 
Our mission is to bring these together with students and work on these issues. Our broad focus covers biotechnology, privacy, public interest, e-commerce and intellectual property. Sponsored events have included how to choose technology related classes, technology law reading groups and finding a job in the technology field.

Officers 2018-19
  • Chief Executive Officer: 
    • Andy So
  • Chief Financial Officer:
    • Heather Ewing
  • Chief Operations Officer:
    • John Curry
  • President:
    • Silas Alexander
  • Vice President Trademark/Copyright: 
    • Chris Lindemeier
  • Vice President Patents: 
    • Patrick Medley
  • Vice President Privacy: 
    • Ria Kuruvilla
  • 2L Representative
    • Sulaf Al-Saif
    • David Ringold 
  • 1L Representative
    • TBD

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