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Fish Observations

Overwater Observations

Several types of fish occupy the area around the Seattle seawall.  Early in the spring, juvenile pink and chum salmon are seen in shallow water right up against the wall.   Later in the spring, juvenile Chinook and coho salmon inhabit waters close to the seawall, and other fish begin to arrive.  By early summer, the fish assemblages were made up of mostly sea perches.  Forage fish such as herring and smelts also frequent the waters around the seawall.

lthough a variety of behaviors are observed in fish around the seawall, feeding dominates their activities.  This suggests that fish around the seawall may benefit from types of habitat enhancements that increase juvenile salmon prey invertebrates.  Juvenile salmon and shiner perch stay mainly near the seawall; herring are more likely to occur slightly farther out.

Underwater Observations

A number of species of larger fish and invertebrates were observed by the SCUBA divers and ROVs.  For a short film summarizing these organisms, use the following link:

Results from the SCUBA and ROV observations indicate that the stepped and finned panels with high relief had more organisms observed around them than did the flat panels or the
control or reference sections of seawall.