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Fish Observations

Fish observations occurred bi-weekly during peak juvenile salmon rearing and migration (estimated April-July in 2008 and 2009) at high tides when panels were submerged.

Fish presence and behavior was characterized using a combination of overwater observations and underwater video during high tides when the panels were completely submerged.  Overwater observations included walking transects along the seawall looking down from the sidewalk level with polarized glasses.  Observations included schools and, if possible, species, adjacent to the seawall at habitat test panel sites.  The following data was logged from overwater observations:
  • Fish species (when possible) and approximate count
  • Water column position of fish (surface, mid-water, bottom)
  • Distance from shoreline (seawall)
  • Fish behavior (unaffected, swimming away, fleeing, feeding, schooling, hiding)

Underwater video transects were performed at each site in 2008.  The underwater video camera was kept at approximately 5-6 feet from the seawall, capturing the majority of habitat test panel elevation.

In addition to the regular fish monitoring, in spring and summer 2008,  assessments of fish and large invertebrates associated with the habitat panels were made using underwater cameras deployed by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and SCUBA divers.  This work was conducted by Mr. Michael Caputo as part of his senior capstone thesis at the University of Washington's College of the Environment.